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Big Bang and Weddings

wedding or big bang?Is it sad that I was actually a little bit concerned about this? It’s not like we only had one wedding, we had two, and it’s not like only the exact date is out- but weeks around the wedding dates were really busy. Of course I’d choose my wedding! But I would have been annoyed if something was scheduled at a time I couldn’t go. I’ve only been to a Big Bang mini concert and never a Big Show.

I asked my friends on Facebook this question and some said “Big Bang without a doubt.” Haha… Good thing they weren’t the ones marrying my husband…

Also, now I’m waiting to see if they will come to Australia! YG is slowly announcing cities and dates but haven’t heard anything about Australia…

Korea has a lot of mountains

many mountains in koreaHe knows how to annoy me.

School of Fish

My Korean Husband and collective nounsNot quite understanding the collective noun…

Elysee Motel Busan Review

If you are traveling around Korea for more than just a few days you might want to find some cheaper accommodation. Fortunately in Korea you don’t have to compromise on safety, cleanliness or conveniences when selecting a cheaper alternative.

There are hotels and motels in Korea but they don’t always have the same meaning as in other countries. Hotels are more expensive and are more likely to have a good view and good service. Motels are pretty much the same as a hotel but minus the view and hotel level service. However, motels still are extremely clean and comfortable. In the room they always have a large TV, computer with internet access, fridge, air-con… everything you’d expect in a hotel except the price is usually about only $50 Australian or American.

The biggest problem you may have is the language barrier. If you can speak a bit of Korean (or have a Korean partner in tow) it won’t be a problem but if you have no Korean it may be more difficult to book a room. You could probably eventually do it with some hand gestures but this can be stressful especially after a lot of traveling.

However, if you are spending some time in Busan: Good news! There is a motel called Elysee Motel that has a manager that speaks English. Not only that but he will show you on a map where there are good places to go and is extremely helpful. The rooms even have some extras that not all motels have. They have large bathrooms with a spa bath AND a shower that turns into a sauna! But don’t do what my mum did and forget which way the door opens and panic trying to push the door open and thinking you are going to die in the steam. She worked it out eventually…

Also, one quirky thing is above the bed was a mural of outer-space and a green light that lit it up. Not sure why, but it was funny.

The motel is very close to attractions in Busan so is in an ideal location. Also the manager booked our tickets on the KTX from Busan to Seoul for us and got us a better deal. He also drove us to the train station for a small fee so we didn’t have to deal with the hassle of taxis- with all our luggage and there being four of us, using taxis was a bit of a drama as we always had to use two.

Unfortunately I can’t remember his name, but I drew a picture of him…

Cheap accomodation Korea English version of their website: HERE


Busan Bus Driver

Have you been to Busan? Did you like it? How do you think it compares to Seoul?



We are finally going on a honeymoon and will be in Vanuatu for 4 days. I won’t be bringing my laptop so no updates for the next few days but there will be lots when we get back.

Changdeokgung Palace

Warning: don’t ask my husband questions at historical sites as he will just make shit up.

Have you visited Changdeokgung or any of the other palaces in Korea?


Jokduri and yeonji gonji

Why does the bride wear that thing on her head and have red dots on her cheeks in a traditional Korean wedding?

I think I’m smiling through the pain in the above photo! It was not at all comfortable and it was a hot day.

The crown is called a jokduri. It was worn by married women on formal days and for wedding days. At the end of the Joseon Dynasty these were very popular and quite extravagant. They are made with black silk, padded with cotton and decorated with embroidery and other accessories. In modern Korea you are only likely to see them at a traditional wedding ceremony.

Originally they were created by Mongolian women for when they went outside. The Korean version is smaller than the original Mongolian version.

The red dots are called yeonji gonji and they can either be drawn or painted on or be cut out pieces of paper that are stuck on. Mine were literally red stickers! Red is believed to protect against evil so the red dots on a bride’s cheeks are believed to protect her from evil spirits.

I also had fake eyelashes on. The makeup artist told me that fake eyelashes are very important in a Korean wedding ceremony but I don’t think that is tradition!

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