Cutesy photos 18

Well I learn something new every day. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t use aegyo very much with my husband. Right from the beginning of our relationship I was a straight talking Western woman. I mean ‘western’ as in from a Western culture… not ‘western’ as in The Wild West! hehe.

I didn’t ever need cutesy words or mannerisms to attract my husband so I just assumed he didn’t like that much. I’m discovering now how these things that I thought only worked on other Korean guys work on him too. I was just messing around taking a cutesy photo like that. Trying to copy how Korean girls do it, just for a laugh. I was surprised at how cute my husband thought it was. If it was an average Australian guy I can imagine them cringing and telling me I look stupid. But I’m not with an Australian guy, I’m with a Korean and I’m beginning to realise that Korean girls have it all worked out! I should give them more credit. For a later post I might explain the certain techniques Korean girls use for photos too.

So if a Western woman wants to attract a Korean guy should she do cutesy things like this? I’m not really sure about this. Copying what Korean girls do may not have the desired affect. It is probably better to get to know a guy better first and find out if he appreciates cutesy things before attempting it. There are some Korean guys who seek out non-Korean girlfriends because they don’t like the aegyo things Korean girls do. Also some Korean guys don’t like it when non-Korean girls call them ‘Oppa’. So tread carefully. But if they do like it- relax and have fun with it!

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Fish cakes 9

This was early in our relationship. While I had eaten a lot of Korean food I didn’t realise those flat yellow strips side dishes were called ‘fish cakes’. I was so happy that my husband (then boyfriend) was going to cook something for me that I didn’t stop to ask what he meant by ‘fish cakes’. Stupidly, I envisioned lovely golden fish cakes full of fresh fish and mashed potato like my grandmother used to make. Or at least something like thai fish cakes. I was very wrong. I was so preoccupied with making a salad that I didn’t realise what he actually meant by fish cakes until he had finished.

This is what he meant:

Not these:

Oops… I thought he was making the main dish, not just a little side dish with a few strips of the flat fish stuff. It was okay in the end, because I quite like that side dish. But I know for the future to quiz him when he offers to cook something (which isn’t often).

Can someone explain to readers how those sheets of Korean fish cake sheets are made? And what is the correct name for this side dish? There seems to be a few different types so I’m unsure of the correct name.

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Olympic Opening Ceremony 20

I’m not especially patriotic. I love my country but never feel the need to be really patriotic during sporting events. I feel much more emotion seeing Korea win rather than seeing Australia win something. Maybe Korean patriotism is catching because I’ve heard of other non-Koreans feeling more passion for Korean victories rather than their home country. South Korea’s modern history is so inspiring that you can’t help but cheer for them.

Because I was watching the Australian coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony they spent a lot of time showing the Australian athletes. Much more than what was necessary. Showing more of Australian athletes on Australian TV is to be expected but it was really too much time on them. They didn’t even show the B countries coming out because they kept the cameras on the Australians. Then they were constantly cutting back to the Australian athletes, who weren’t doing anything that interesting, just being rowdy and taking photos and tweeting probably. I became worried that they wouldn’t show the South Korean athletes walking out. Luckily they showed both North Korea and South Korea. North Korea came out earlier with the D countries because they call themselves ‘The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’. You know a country is communist when they have to put ‘democratic’ in their title! Later The South Koreans walked out and I cheered for them.

It feels good to be passionate about a country that you can actually choose yourself. Would I like Australia if I wasn’t born here? Being patriotic about Australia just feels like an obligation, it’s not a choice. I know people who are very passionate and patriotic about Australia because they made the choice to move here. Australia gave them a chance at a new life and they are thankful. Their patriotism rings more true than an Australian who thinks Australia is the best simply because they haven’t been anywhere else. South Korea has opened up my eyes and made my life so much better and I’m grateful for that. So I’ll be cheering for South Korea these Olympics.


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Medicine Misunderstanding 7

My friend (the wife in the comic) allowed me to make a comic about this. When she realised what her husband had sent her to get, with the vague information of it being for ‘skin care’, she was very angry! She had patted her face in front of shop assistant and told her that it was for skin care on the face. Needless to say, the shop assistant looked very shocked. When my friend discovered the truth of course she told others. So what her husband hoped to keep secret even from his wife was told to everyone at a barbeque! And now it’s on the internet!

For those that might not understand what her husband needed: he needed a cream for his…uh…. butt hole. I’m not explaining anymore than that!

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Wedding Presents 10

This was for our Australian wedding. After everything finished we opened our presents. Some family and friends were with us as well and everyone laughed at my husband tearing open the presents while I sat reading the cards. His excuse was that it was difficult for him to read the handwritten English in the cards and he didn’t know who they were all from. He became interested when there was money in a card though!

Of course all our money is shared but he organises it. Traditionally in Korea (and Japan) the woman manages the money but we decided it is better that my husband does the managing. I’m a creative type and not exactly good with money (and we are poor newlyweds at the moment).

We got a lot of nice presents but haven’t used them yet, even though our wedding was months ago, because we haven’t found a new place to live in Sydney yet. We have them piled up in a spare room at my parent’s house. Sometimes I like to go in and just look at them and say “Mine mine! These are all mine!” Hehe, I’ve never owned such nice things before.

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Seaweed Birthday Soup 16

I’m eating seaweed soup at the moment because traditionally Koreans eat this soup on their birthdays. You can read all about why on The Korea Blog HERE.

One of my Korean friends made it for me today. I really enjoy it these day but I didn’t always…

When my husband and I first met it was just before my birthday. He was very strongly wooing me and had arranged a birthday lunch for me. As well as cake and fruit platters there was seaweed soup… While I liked a lot of Korean food at that point I hadn’t really had this before and honestly looking down at the slimy seaweed in liquid- it didn’t seem that appetizing. My husband and his friend insisted that I must eat it because it was my birthday. Luckily after I forced down a few mouthfuls they didn’t make me eat anymore.

I only started enjoying seaweed soup when I started cooking it myself. Maybe by then I was used to the texture. I’m not sure what changed but now I really like it.

You can’t under estimate how important this is for Koreans on their birthdays. They have such a strong attachment to it. Earlier this year when the crazy naked guys (seen in other comics) were still living next door to my parent’s house I realised this. You can’t really buy Korean groceries in my hometown so Koreans must buy Korean food in Sydney. Because of this, it is hard to replenish supplies and Koreans here get used to going without. It was one of the guy’s birthday next door and they did not have the ingredients for seaweed soup. My husband was already next door at their party when I joined them.

My husband pulled me out of the room (yes the Korean drama arm grab thing) and asked for me to go back home and prepare seaweed soup for this guy. We did have the ingredients at home because we’d stocked up in Sydney recently. I knew it must be important because my husband had never requested for me to go home and cook before! If he was in the habit of telling me to go back to the kitchen I would be in the habit of punching him in the face. So I knew this must be important.

But oh the stress! I’d never prepared seaweed soup for any Koreans besides my husband before! All I had was my Korean cookbook. I studied the recipe again and again before starting to make sure I got everything right. My mother was amused, not only at my stress, but at why Koreans prefer soup for their birthday and not cake.

Eventually, after agonising over the taste I realised it was the best I could do. I took it next door and presented it to the birthday boy. He tasted it. Then the other guys tasted it. They declared it was delicious! At first I thought they were just being polite but my husband reassured me that it was very good. I was hesitant to believe my own success at first but then I watched them fight over it and finish every last drop. The birthday boy was so happy that he could have seaweed soup on his birthday. He told me had been wanting it so badly and had been upset because he thought it would be impossible to get. He then prostrated himself on the floor in a deep bow several times to thank me- he had been drinking though hehe!

Unfortunately my husband is not here with me at the moment because he just started a new job and we don’t have a new apartment in Sydney yet. We plan to celebrate together later.

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Big Bang Giveaway Competition Winners!!! 32

Actually it’s my birthday today but I’m giving away prizes! The winners were just drawn. My friend was here to take photos to show it was drawn randomly.

I put all the names into a bowl.


Stuck my hand in, closed my eyes, gave them a good mix around and then pulled out the first prize winner!

Congratulations!!! Kate Marsella!

My friend pulled out the name for second prize.

Congratulations Claudia!!!

And third prize goes to:

Congratulations Hyorin!

Could the winners please reply to this post so that I know you’ve seen it and then email me your address details- so I can send out the prizes.

I’m sorry to everyone who didn’t win but there will be more giveaways later. Would people be interested in winning a copy of Harpers Bazaar with the G-Dragon Paris photo shoot in it?

Also, what other bands merchandise would you like to see in a giveaway?

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Ninja Turtles 12

If you are not a native English speaker and are unsure of why I said that- in that context it means “obviously” but it’s a rude way of saying it. I’m not always that rude I promise!

However, if you use the saying “no shit” with your voice going up like a question it means like “you don’t say!”  or “really?” which is showing genuine surprise at something.

I used it in a flat sarcastic tone, in order to be humorous and to show that what he said was quite obvious. ‘Shit’ is a swear word. A minor one but still a rude word. I wouldn’t say this to my parents but to my husband is fine.

Side note: My siblings and I weren’t allowed to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoons when we were younger… not sure why. Possibly our mum thought it was too violent.

One of my favourite TV shows when younger was probably Rugrats What was yours?

ALSO: Tomorrow the winners of the Big Bang giveaway will be announced. Last chance to enter!


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Monsters 8

When my husband isn’t here:

My husband is in Sydney starting a new job and I’m in my hometown because we don’t have a new apartment there yet. So I get scared at night!

I just showed my husband this comic and he said “What is under the bed?” I told him it is a monster and he told me confidently that there isn’t one there. Thanks honey, but they aren’t there when you are home! They only appear when you are gone.

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Anne Hathaway 11

I really don’t look like Anne Hathaway. Some of my Korean friends said that I did years ago when I had dark hair. I’m pretty sure the only reason they thought that was because I was the first Western friend they had. So because I was a white girl with dark hair: “OMG you look like Anne Hathaway!!!”

I was just trying to rile my husband up because G-Dragon can be a jealously inciting subject. He wouldn’t want me to look like anyone GD may have taken a liking too… because then I might run away with GD or something??? I don’t know. Jealously doesn’t always make sense. I like to push his buttons because of course he has nothing to worry about. And it worked.

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Simon and Martina 36

I’m a big fan of Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi. So much so that sometimes I tend to talk about them like I know them personally… (because they are so awesome).


I also mention Simon and Martina to my parents sometimes. Luckily my parents know who I’m talking about now. Because my husband and I are planning on moving to Korea at the beginning of 2014 sometimes we are discussing our plans at the dinner table and I’ll say “Simon and Martina said…. blah blah blah.”

Oh and their kitten is so cute!

Is there anyone that you talk about or mention in conversation like you know them but actually don’t?

Also: I’ve added a FAQ section.

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Dog Baby 26

This is a REALLY BAD swear word by the way, so I won’t write it on here. I understand that the word used for ‘baby’ is not the normal nice word they use for a baby, that it is an insulting way of saying baby but I still don’t really understand how this insult came about. If someone could explain exactly why these words are used in this way and why it’s so offensive I’d really appreciate it.

I’ve never used this insult before but if I’ve repeated it from a drama or read it aloud my husband will cringe and yell at me to not say it because he never wants these words to come out of my mouth. So yeah, it’s not good.

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While On Duty (군대 똥 이야기) 12

I have to make it clear that this comic is NOT about my husband. It is about a friend of ours who very kindly allowed me to use the story of what happened to him while in the army. All South Korean men have to do about 2 years compulsory military duty, which they usually do in their early 20’s. Therefore Korean men have a lot of stories about being in the army. Some are sad but others, like this one, are funny.

Uh oh…. standard Army underwear has the soldier’s name on it. Technically the underwear belongs to the South Korean Army… and he used it to wipe his butt.

He was punished of course, he had to carry 40 kilos of weights and run about 5 kilometers. He laughs when he tells the story though.

Here is the same comic but in Korean this time:

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Frog 8

Last year we stayed with my husband’s parents for a month. They live in a very rural area of South Korea and their house is surrounded by rice fields. At night we could hear the frogs singing loudly but one night I was surprised to find one in our room. I have no idea how it got inside the house, especially as our room was upstairs.

It’s true I have zoo keeper training, but I don’t work in the industry at the moment. However, I knew what I was talking about, though my husband had ideas of his own…

I let him catch the frog for his male pride (I’m always the one to catch things like spiders) but he then refused to listen to me and tore apart the room for 20 minutes trying to find this frog. Of course it was just hiding while he heaved things around. I don’t know what his parents thought we were doing… it was late at night and there was a lot of banging and crashing.

Eventually after we did exactly what I said to do we saw the frog, grabbed him, and then he went back outside again.


Who knows the word for ‘frog’ in Korean?

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Big Bang Giveaway 102

This happened this morning:

I was excited not only because the very large package contained presents for me (my birthday is later this month) but also because it contained prizes for readers of my blog! My sister-in-law selected some Big Bang things in Korea especially for this.


First prize includes:

Big Bang Still Alive Special Edition (this includes CD, YG family card, booklet and Branding Big Bang book).

2 Official Big Bang Pens

12 Official Big Bang Alive Photocards

5 pairs of Big Bang Socks

I was really only going to have one prize pack but my husband’s sister sent soooo many socks. More socks than even the biggest Big Bang fan needs… so I have a second and third prize as well now.


10 Pairs of Big Bang Socks!



6 Pairs of Big Bang Socks!


So how do you win? All you need to do is leave a comment in the comments section. Winners will be selected at random in 1 week. Winners will be contacted and prizes will be sent out as soon as possible. Good luck!


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