Other Cutesy? 14

This comic is a response to a comment by Hannah Jade:

“Please do a post talking about other cutesy things that your boy likes! It’s fun hehe I wanna try them out >.<“

So I asked him:

So my advice is to be nice and make food but make rude hand gestures as well? Sorry that isn’t a good answer 🙁

There is a lot more freedom to be cute in Korean culture but it’s good to keep it more natural as well.

BUT I did try out the “bbuing bbuing” aegyo recently. My husband laughed so hard… but that might have been because it’s so ridiculous.

If you are unsure what that one is here is an example:


and another example


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Some Days 18

(remember these comics are just about my experiences and not a guide to all Korean men! haha)

Oh the difference between TV and reality! Funnily enough though, the other week when out with Korean friends, the girls told me I was lucky that my husband was always well dressed and well groomed. I just laughed because they have seen him at his best- which isn’t often. Sometimes it’s a real stand off because I want him to change into something nicer before we go out and he seems to think it’s such an effort.

I have noticed a difference between guys in Korea and Korean guys in Australia who are on working holiday or student visas. There is less pressure in Australia to look good and if they are busy working or studying they don’t care as much. Where as actually in Korea you will see some amazingly stylish men and more emphasis on fashion.

I think my husband is still stuck in “working holiday mode” although he is actually a resident now.

I actually didn’t start watching Korean dramas until after I met my husband. So when I did it was like, “What? They are supposed to look like that?!”

I shouldn’t be too hard on him, he’d much rather buy me something pretty rather than spend any money on clothes for himself.

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Interphone 19

Says the guy still learning English, who uses Konglish and makes mistakes all the time…

Konglish is funny. Some words make a lot of sense, others are weird or completely different to the real English word. While I do enjoy some Konglish the biggest problem with Konglish is that Koreans often think it is real English. Some Koreans come to an English speaking country thinking “I’ll be fine, I know lots of English words.” Big difference between English and Konglish. While some like interphone/intercom really don’t matter there are plenty that sound like gibberish to native English speakers.

Some we can guess but you are probably going to be confused if a Korean says to you: “Fighting! I need to buy some fancy and then let’s go back to my apart for some skinship and eat some cream sand.”

10 points to whoever can translate that.

The other night while out with Korean friends I was asked if I wanted to play some ‘pocketball’? What? I was pretty confused for a while. Apparently that is pool/billiards.

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Water Flick 19

Well let’s hope that was just water….

My husband swears this is a Korean thing and people with Korean partners will have experienced this. I think maybe he is justifying being a jerk hehe. Let me know in the comments section.

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Dodgy Massage 16

While going for a walk…

And Koreans love cute sounding stuff! Oh well you can be almost 30 and sound like a 6 year old if you want.

In other news: There is a Facebook page now HERE.

And thank you for all the get well wishes. I’m feeling a bit better now.

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Sorry 12

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Photo of Boat 1

Rude! He was joking luckily. But he does it with such a straight face. It is kind of a running joke with us because he often answers things with “Why do I need to?”

He did take a photo of me, but then laughed because my face looked stupid. Thanks!

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Babo 10

This was the same day as this comic. I think he was trying to prove he wasn’t scared of me.

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What a nice! 20

When learning a second language there are obvious benefits of having a partner who speaks it natively. Skills can be really improved just by having to speak it every day. My husband’s English is constantly improving. However, a partner can’t correct everything. It is hard to have a conversation if one person is constantly correcting the other. So that is why some mistakes can slip through.

My husband has the habit of exclaiming “What a nice!” at something good.

Often because he is excited when saying it I don’t want to ruin the moment by saying “That’s wrong”. Also it’s really cute! So I didn’t correct it for a long time. Eventually I explained that it didn’t really make sense, though I knew what he was trying to say. He stopped saying it for a while but it creeps back in occasionally.

The problem is, because couples end up sounding like each other, now I say it sometimes!


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GD Socks 13

Well it is true that all my socks get holes in them. Poor sock GD.

Notice that I’m sitting on a chair and he is on the floor? That’s how it usually is. I prefer chairs, he prefers the floor.

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Airport Thank You 7

This was last year when we went to Malaysia for a few days.

My husband did not realise that she’d said thank you in Korean when she’d handed our passports back. She saw he was Korean and so had used Korean and he just took his passport and walked away! Well it was about 4am.

It is funny when people don’t realise their native language is being spoken. My brother was asked directions by a Japanese student in Sydney one time. My brother speaks fluent Japanese and realised this guy was Japanese so gave detailed directions in Japanese. The guy made no acknowledge of my brother speaking his native language and went on his way. I wonder if it hit him later that a random Australian guy had spoken Japanese or if he was thinking, “Wow I can understand English really well!”

Sometimes I think I can understand Korean well but then I realise it’s because I’m just understanding all the loan words from English.

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Chicken What? 23

I’ve mentioned before how my husband hates lamb. Koreans hate the smell and taste of lamb apparently. So when I see a restaurant that specialises in lamb I tease him.

Apparently Koreans eat chicken butts. Well he won. If I was going to force him to eat something that is eaten in my culture he could force me to eat something that is eaten in his culture.

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Saturday Afternoon 13

Living in Sydney is pretty expensive. Australia is quite expensive in comparison to other countries but Sydney is probably the most expensive city. At the moment we live close to my husband’s work and in an area quite pricy but very close to the city area. Rent prices in Sydney are ridiculous so at the moment we share an apartment with another couple. Because of this I can’t do as much cooking as I would like. At my parent’s house I would often spend a lot of the weekend making Korean side dishes and stuff but until we get our own apartment I can’t really do that, so we stick with simple stuff for now. We also know the cheap places in the city to eat. And plan on showing them!

Yesterday we went for a walk to the city because we planned on showing you guys a cheap but good place to get Taiwanese food. We have to cross Darling Harbour to get to where we want to go. From where we live it’s a quick walk and then down a lift to Darling Harbour.

My husband often tries to push lift buttons with his knees.


Okay, walk through Darling Harbour.

The train for tourists behind me. And the damn wind. Ahhh, not a good idea to wear my hair out.

There is usually a carousel at Darling Harbour but I never paid attention to it before because that was before Gangnam Style. Stopped to have a quick dance in front of it. With a random kid.

What’s wrong with my face there?

Anyway, then past the trendy restaurants and lovely outside areas. My husband stops for a rest in the deck chairs.

Okay so, if you are in Sydney and don’t want to spend much money but want a decent meal here is where you can go. Find China Town.

Then find Sussex Centre.

Okay so we are going up to the food court on the top floor! Ew Food Court? Yeah a lot of food courts suck but this one is good. No Macdonalds or other crap, just Asian food.

Inside: What the hell is this? An employee moving a giant stuffed toy from one store to another.

Oh, Big Bang! Yay.

Unfortunately, the Taiwanese place we wanted to show wasn’t open at the time we went there (but of course it’s open every other time we go with no intention of making a blog post!). It’s okay though because we’ll just get other stuff.

My husband was quick to get Chinese seafood soup.

And I got some Japanese curry.

Most meals are $10 or under here and all types of Asian food. Yay. If you are coming into the city for shopping or whatever- no need to waste money on over priced sandwiches or other expensive food.

Hopefully another time we can show you the food we actually wanted to show.

Anyway. That’s what we did yesterday afternoon!


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Selective Hearing 15

Though I do try to listen to a lot of Korean conversation, there are times I have to tune out because it’s too taxing on my brain to try and decipher everything.

But my brain always alerts me when things interest me in the conversation.

If you aren’t into Kpop and don’t know what YG is, it’s a major record company. Big Bang belongs to it. My husband’s friend was giving him a hard drive that has a YG Family concert on it. A huge concert featuring all the artists from YG.


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G-Dragon Harper’s Bazaar Winner! 5

All the names:


Congratulations CatvnloveTOP!

Now, you entered to win this prize for a friend didn’t you? Send me an email at mykoreanhusband@gmail.com and we’ll work out if I send it to you or straight to your GD loving friend.

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