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You are the best…. thai food

you are the best... thai food (1024x1024)I was almost crying because he was being lovely and romantic and then suddenly CHEAP THAI FOOD! That kinda ruined the moment haha. But he can’t help himself when he sees a good deal.

Fashion Post

Puji asks

i wanna ask about how korean people think about fashion and where they usually buy their clothes, because i am impressed by their fashion style, kekeke. thanks 🙂


Okay I’m going to open this up to everyone, so please share your opinions in the comment sections. If you live in Korea where do you buy your clothes?

I really like Korean fashion and a lot of my clothes are actually Korean but I think I still wear them in my own style.

Australian fashion can be anything really, it depends on who you are, where you are, personal taste etc. There is definitely a more distinctive Korean style. We can tell who is Korean in Sydney a long way off simply because we recognise the brands and styles that Koreans wear.

One of the bigger differences between Australian fashion and Korean fashion is what skin is shown. Korean girls will easily show all their legs but usually keep their chest area, shoulders and backs covered. While Australian women may show their legs (just not as much as Korean girls) we have no problem with showing cleavage and chest area, shoulders and back. I’ve heard that the back is seen as particularly sexy by Koreans but for Australian women, a lot of our summer dresses are maxi dresses that reveal a lot of the back.

Another difference is the way Korean girls wear baseball caps. Here, if we are wearing a baseball cap like that it’s because we are going to exercise or do something sporty. But Korean girls will wear huge heels, a short skirt and nice blouse, do their hair and makeup and plonk a cap on. It took me a while to work out that this was just Korean style (and sometimes girls want to hide their faces).

I remember when I first had Korean friends and I’d arranged to go shopping with a friend. She’d answer the door wearing a cap like that and I’d be like, “…..Are you not ready? Do you need more time to get ready?” To me the cap was just too informal to go out in. It’s still sometimes strange to me to see girls wearing beautiful clothes with a cap like that.

My sister-in-law sent me some Korean clothes and accessories recently. Here are two photos of me trying them out.

Korean FashionKorean Fashion 2









What do you think? Do you like Korean fashion?



I’ve mentioned before about the way he can be ‘grabby’ in a spontaneous burst of affection way. Not all Korean guys are like this, but if you’ve watched enough Korean romantic dramas you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I used to think the female characters in Korean dramas were too easily annoyed and pissed off all the time when the male lead does something but now I can understand that reaction. It can be annoying. My husband will sometimes do it to deliberately annoy me too, but claim he is just being romantic.

I just shoved him off again because I won’t put up with the bossy romantic act. He then cackled to himself, “Haha I think I’m really funny.”


Butterfly In the morning I told him he was still an ugly caterpillar.

He hurt his back stupidly at the gym but hopefully it’s getting better now. We still kinda live like students. All our wedding presents are still at my parents’ house and we don’t want to use them until we have our own apartment so we are lacking in some household items, which is why he ended up with a fitted sheet on the floor. He likes to sleep with a sheet or blanket over his head so quite often he looks like he is in a cocoon, but the fitted sheet accentuated it. He has never emerged as a butterfly though (or a moth, cocoons are actually made by moths).



Serious Conversation

serious conversation

I can’t always follow along with what is being said in Korean. Sometimes I pick up enough words to know what they are talking about and even join in the conversation if I understand (though I will only speak in English with just a few scattered Korean words) but sometimes I have no idea. I can tell by body language and tone when it’s a serious conversation though and often it’s a good time to tune out. You can’t expect someone to constantly translate everything in these types of situations and you can’t just butt in with “Hey what are you guys talking about?! Tell me!”

So I find this is a good time to eat food while no one else is! Haha! I think I ate most of the chicken last night. Don’t worry, this was not our dinner, this was after dinner. It’s normal for Koreans to go to a Korean restaurant for dinner, and then move onto another Korean restaurant which is more for drinking (and then sometimes after one after that). But when buying soju you still need to buy some food, so more dishes are ordered and shared.

Korean fried chicken is so delicious. Unfortunately it’s never as good in Sydney restaurants as it is in Korea, but it’s still nice. I love the small chicken pieces with spring onion. Too easy to eat a lot of it.

GD Forums

GD forums The forums called Jiyong’s Crayons can be found HERE.

GD fans, please don’t attack him, he only says GD is evil because I love GD haha.

Mangled Sayings

Mangled SayingsI know he was thinking of the saying “What’s the magic word?” Which of course the answer to is ‘please’. However, I had already said please by then so he ended up saying… whatever that was… as he handed me the water. Doesn’t help that he was on Kakao Talk at the same time.

What sayings have you said wrong? Or heard someone else get wrong?

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