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Getting License

Why are the people who work in the Roads and Traffic places always in horrible moods? They do have to deal with the public which must be hard, but so do many other people and can manage to do it with a smile. The other aspect for my husband when someone is that rude, is the question, “Are they being racist?”

I do think in this situation, and judging from everyone else’s stories about dealing with the RTA, that the woman was treating everyone the same way….. horribly.



I had to explain that sometimes really good movies don’t win, especially if there are lots of other good movies nominated too, and at least Anne Hathaway won Best Supporting Actress. Les Miserables also won Best Sound Mixing and some Makeup and Hair one…. haha. Would have been nice if Hugh Jackman had won though, especially as he is Australian.

Did you see the Les Miserables Medley that the cast performed? HERE. Amazing.



Come Look


I can’t even remember what I was going to show him… some quote or something.

Tumblr really sucks you in. I avoided it for a while until some fans started suggesting it, so I figured, why not? At first I mostly just followed some art and fashion blogs, but then I started following some BigBang and GD ones, so pretty soon my dashboard was just all photos and gifs of BigBang, and especially GD. Whoops. So when my husband was standing behind me and watching I couldn’t even redeem myself with something more…. mature, the only thing that came up that wasn’t BigBang was a Disney thing…..

My husband has no idea about Tumblr so when he saw me scrolling through my dashboard he was annoyed at the amount of BigBang. BUT, for all his complaints, Bigbang is actually one of his favourite Kpop groups, don’t let his grumpy face fool you.

The My Korean Husband Tumblr has most of the comics from the main blog but sometimes also has some extra drawings or quotes.

Shoes lined up

Shoes lined up

…….sorry. This is my evil side.

Usually I’m such a follow the rules type girl. But when I see things perfectly lined up there is part of me that just wants to mess with it. I don’t do it all the time. Just when I’m feeling particularly rebellious.




So, do you believe me?

Sleeping Cat


He seriously does this and it seriously works. Not for me though. I’m a very light sleeper and I usually have to pee a million times before I can sleep and any flashing electronics in the room wakes me up.

But… he really does pretend he is a cat and falls asleep easily.

In other news, there is an article about us on So go check that out. Thank you so much Isabelle for writing it 🙂


Your Wish

Your Wish

So close!

Have you had difficulty with certain sayings in another language?

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