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The Secret Garden

This garden originally was just a piece of land owned by New South Wales Rail Corp. It was not being used for anything except a dumping ground for rubbish. Wendy Whitely was the wife of Australian artist of Brett Whitely (who died in 1992). She is an artist in her own right and has created a really beautiful garden. It is open to the public every day but can be hard to find if you have never been there.

There are a few entrances to the garden. We found Lavender street first and found it that way, but we exited out the entrance that was the path that goes past Luna Park.

It is a really nice place, especially if it’s a hot day as it is very enclosed and shady.There are lots of really nice gardens in Sydney but this one is a little bit different. Because it’s cared for by Wendy Whitely and not a council it is a little wilder and with a much more natural design. It has a subtropical rainforest feel to it and if you are really into plants, I’m sure there are many really interesting ones here.

We are really lucky to have a friend do the editing for us and a friend to make the music (JackManFriday). We did edit a few things out that I can share here but maybe not on YouTube. There was more discussion about what switching bodies like in the drama Secret Garden would involve (certain body parts in particular) and those moths and bugs getting a bit frisky? My husband asked, “Are they having love?” I’m not sure what they were doing! Were they “having love”?

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a little bit of Sydney.




Psy is a bad influence on him! Luckily my husband didn’t actually do that disgusting thing, he just faked it, but it’s still annoying!

What do you think of the ‘Gentleman’ music video? This seems to really divide people. I don’t mind the song. I think it is catchy and something that will be played a lot, especially in clubs. Unlike Gangnam Style though, it’s not a video I will watch over and over. There is a lot of humour I don’t like in it, but I also think there is a lot of Korean type of humour in it. My husband laughed really hard at some bits of it but for me it was too awkward to watch. Also because Psy is a really nice guy and I don’t like seeing him being so mean! I’m not sure if he being a jerk in it to just be the opposite of a gentleman or if he is making fun of sleazy old guys like that.

It is interesting that Psy decided on the Abracadabra dance instead of making a new one. I did hear that he wanted to show more Kpop to the world by using that dance. It must have been so stressful to make a song to follow Gangnam Style and I think he’d get criticism no matter what song he wrote but the Gentleman is already a viral hit and has got soo many views!

I’m only allowing my husband to play it a few times a day, otherwise I think he’d have it on repeat. And he has to at least have underwear on when he does the dance.

Anyway, I really like the Eat Your Kimchi parody. Will YouTube be flooded with Gentleman parodies soon?

K-pop Family

Kpop Family

He always has to point out when someone has the same family name as us. Though… it’s always cool people, I haven’t seen him point out, “Oh he is Gwon family… he is axe murderer!”

SBS PopAsia is an Australian digital radio station and music video show on TV. (Note: This is different to SBS in Korea). They play music from Asia, though the majority of it is Kpop. It is awesome to be in Australia and turn on the TV, just normal free to air tv, and see Korean music videos.


Anzac Day

He remembers which day is Anzac Day for two reasons, it is 2 days after the date that he first arrived in Australia years ago, so he remembers seeing the parade, and he loves Anzac biscuits (cookies). For me time is just going too fast! How is it Anzac day again already??

Anzac Day is a public holiday and a national day of remembrance for Australia and New Zealand. Originally it was to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (which is where ‘ANZAC’ comes from) who fought at Gallipoli in World War I. Now Anzac day is also for commemorating all that served in military operations.

It is tradition to eat Anzac biscuits on Anzac day which supposedly are similar to what wives sent their husbands when the husbands were away at war. There are a lot more in the supermarket right now because of Anzac Day. We actually won’t be in Australia for Anzac day this year, but usually I would make some at home.

When we actually have a decent oven I think I’ll have to make a batch. Home made ones are so much better than supermarket ones.


Body Pump

Body Pump Class

That will teach him to not underestimate women. I remember he was sore for days after that.

Have you done a body pump class before? They sound like hell to me…. lifting weight in time to terrible music.

Blueberry Juice

Vinegar drink

I knew what he was doing the whole time but only admitted it after because I knew he was doing it because he cares about me. My health is never the best and he is just trying to help. I could tell right away that it wasn’t normal juice though!

He continued the charade and was all like “Yeessss. It’s nice isn’t it?!”

I actually don’t mind those type of drinks anyway, so I drank it without complaining, but it obviously wasn’t real juice!



My husband doesn’t like mint in anything sweet. I’ve met a lot of Koreans like that too. I had an awkward experience one time when hanging out with some Korean girls in Sydney and we wanted to buy some chocolate biscuits (cookies if you are American). They told me that I could choose…. so I chose some mint chocolate ones that are very popular in Australia. We got back to the apartment, planning to sit around and chat and eat and one of the girls took a bite of a biscuit and was like “Is this mint???!!” Then no one ate any of the biscuits and they sat awkwardly on the table for a long time. Koreans, let me know in the comment section, do you like mint in sweet foods? Are there any Korean sweet snacks or desserts with mint?

The mint thing does cause some disagreements for us. If we are choosing an icecream flavour at the supermarket I usually want mint choc chip (my favourite) but he refuses to eat it, so we usually settle on chocolate or caramel (his favourite).

I bought a packet of Mint Slice the other day, and I’ve been, not so slowly, making my way through the whole pack. He isn’t going to touch them!

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