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Kpop Comments – After School First Love

New Kpop Comments! He did talk about how much training After School had to do for this video clip but it got chopped… as did some of his other comments about things like what other meaning “butchers” has in Korean….

So overall, well done to After School for learning how to do that, but unfortunately it would have been better with a different song.

All The Cheese

All the cheese

I’ve mentioned before how he didn’t really like cheese before he met me. He hadn’t experienced much cheese outside of Korea so he didn’t know how delicious it is. Once he had tried Australian cheese though, he loved it.

I’ve also met Koreans who say they don’t like sandwiches, which always seems strange to hear. Who doesn’t like sandwiches?? Everyone likes sandwiches! Then I saw what sandwiches were usually like in Korea and understood why many people disliked them.

He is always telling me to put more cheese on everything. He is trying to get better eating habits but giving up cheese completely might be out of the question.



Well…. I guess it would take me longer to open stuff? Haha. Sometimes I get him to open stuff for me because it’s usually quicker but many times he can’t wait to grab whatever it is from me and open it and proclaim, “How can you live without me?”

Let’s not mention all the times I make dinner alone while he is at work. Shhhh!


Supanova Sydney 2013

This is our video of our Supanova experience! We didn’t have much time as my husband had to work that night and my brother was only in Sydney for the day. It was really crowded inside, even more so because people couldn’t hang around outside as much due to the rain. I’d really like to see it in a bigger venue next year (though we are unlikely to go as we’ll be in Korea).

We really liked seeing the Game of Thrones costumes. My other favourite was the Futurama ones. It’s always cool seeing the effort people go to.

It would be nice to see more areas for people to sit and talk to others. People are forced to sit on cold cement up on the second level walkway. Also an area for children is needed as well I think, there seems to be more children every year and it would make it easier for them and their parents if they were catered for too.

Overall it’s still a really cool experience and we enjoyed it, even though we were functioning on only 4 hours sleep.



He would never throw anything at me ever… but he did giggle to himself after he made that joke.

He wanted the wig for a skit or something… I don’t know… something we haven’t even planned yet. But I threw it out a while ago because we don’t have much space here. It was just a cheap free one. Some people have asked what we’d like them to send us in a package, well that’s something you can send to him! A crappy wig… haha.

Shower Music

Shower Music

Some people can have this idea that if you have a Korean boyfriend or husband that it will be non-stop listening to Kpop. Yeah…. probably not. Often he likes to listen to music I’d rather never hear again. We did compromise this time though, he listened to old Korean pop music instead.



I was laughing mostly because “dumblings” sounds funny!

I’m back studying Korean again, well revising everything that I know (not much!), in preparation for when we move to Korea. We’ve decided once in Korea it’s vital for me to learn as much Korean as possible so Korean will be the language we’ll use the most when there. It will be hard, but worth it.

Hehe…. dumblings….


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