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TV Channels

TV Channels

Ughhh! He doesn’t see the difference between classic literature and 90’s TV shows. Actually he probably does and is just riling me up on purpose.

I was never a huge fan of those shows and Friends is a TV show that a lot of Koreans watch to improve their English. I’ve been made to watch a lot of episodes with Korean friends before and I find the humour can date pretty quickly…. and it’s been a long time since Friends finished. I just don’t have much interest in watching any more episodes and I cringe when it’s on TV.

I’m asking Mr Gwon about this right now – about why so many Koreans watch such an old TV show when there are plenty of newer and better ones. Now he is questioning why I still watch MASH when it’s on tv. Okay can’t win this argument!

We went for a walk



He can actually swim! Just badly. I’ve mentioned this before, how even though he was in the Korean navy, he is not very comfortable with swimming. He gets really nervous. Not only him, lots of Korean people can’t swim or aren’t comfortable with swimming which is quite different to Australian culture. We do a lot of swimming in comparison and usually learn to swim at a very young age and have to do some swimming lessons in school.

Maybe I can get him more comfortable in the ocean when we have Christmas at the beach this year…

K-pop Comments – Nu’est Sleep Talking

Really sorry Nu’est fans. You just got him on the wrong day.

Advice and Stuff 2

So there isn’t enough time to talk about this in the video but I’ll go more in depth about it here because we do often get questions about dating Korean men. I think you have to be careful about who you get advice from about dating Korean men because there can be Korean Australians/Korean Americans etc who may say things like “Koreans don’t date anyone who isn’t Korean” because that was the view of their parents’ generation or from years ago, but Korean culture is changing rapidly so just be careful as the advice might be quite dated. Also some Koreans not living in Korea can have more pressure on them to marry a Korean because their parents are concerned about them losing their culture. When I get emails from people who are dating someone Korean but their boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents aren’t accepting of them it’s almost always been about Koreans who don’t live in Korea any more. So that’s what I mean about taking all advice with a grain of salt.

There are cultural things that play a part in a relationship with a Korean person but don’t believe blanket statements like “Korean guys only like this…” or “Korean guys won’t date girls like this…”

The hallyu wave has increased interest in Korean guys in recent years, but that’s a whole other can of worms we are going to tackle another day.

As I mentioned in the video it’s not fair to judge all Korean men by your own few bad experiences or when someone has a bad experience and proclaims to everyone something like “Korean guys only date foreigners for fun” etc. Yeah there are guys that may do that, the same way in your own culture there are guys that won’t date seriously. If you are meeting the Korean guys in a situation that doesn’t usually lead to marriage in your own culture, there probably isn’t much chance in Korea either. That said, there are people who do meet grinding against each other in clubs and end up married… but probably not the majority.

Not to mention that if you are only dating guys from your country you may date a bunch of guys before meeting the person you want to settle down with it. It doesn’t mean that all guys from your own country only date for fun either, you just have to meet the right person. Not many people end up married to their first boyfriend. Also, not everyone ends up married to their first Korean boyfriend either. I actually dated a few Korean guys before meeting my husband.

There can be lots of challenges when being with someone from a different culture but we’ll talk about more of them another day. I hope this answer clears up some questions. Don’t believe people that say things like “Korean guys only like this…” or “Korean guys don’t like girls like this.” Every Korean guy is different. Hope that helps those that are curious about that sort of thing.

When I leave the room

We have a bunch of videos we need to edit but haven’t had the time. We are trying to get through some of them today. But meanwhile here is a very short video of Mr Gwon!

Korean Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores

Korean convenience stores are really good. So much better than overpriced Australian ones with not much range and that mainly sell junk food. Convenience stores in Australia are the last resort because you can’t find a supermarket, and you wonder why you are paying $5 for a bottle of water. Korean ones offer so much more and it’s so much cheaper. AND they are everywhere, so they are actually very convenient (not like Australian ones).

And they have delicious delicious banana milk. While we can get most Korean products in Australia, that banana milk is not sold here because it can’t be shipped here. I think because of the foil lid. It makes me sad.

This is the video he was watching:

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