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Spudgy and Meemers Bag Winner

Okay guys I’ve picked the winner of the Spudgy and Meemers tote bag. All the answers were so great so I’m really sorry that I can’t give one to everyone.

So the winner is…..


Congratulations! Send me an email at [email protected] to claim your prize.

Everyone else: we’ll have some cool giveaways coming up, especially next year when we move to Korea… maybe we’ll get to do a collaboration with Simon and Martina too. Wouldn’t that be fun 😉


My Money

My Money

What does he think I do? Throw it off the balcony? Light it on fire. Hehehehe…




Mr Gwon is a bit confused about this internet word. Perhaps some blog readers aren’t sure what “shipping” is as well. Who’d like to explain in the comments?

Interview with Typhoon

So we’ve talked about Australian working holiday visas before and Koreans in Australia. Now we have an interview with a Korean guy who is in Australia on a working holiday. Here is part 1:

Soju at School

Soju at school

We are enjoying watching the drama Reply 1997. Everyone has been recommending it to us for ages… and yes you are all right, it’s great. My husband especially, is enjoying it because it’s just like watching his teenage years. H.O.T posters included.

We haven’t finished it yet, so no spoilers please. There was a scene in the episode we watched last night where they were secretly drinking soju (most popular Korean alcohol) in the school playground. I questioned Mr Gwon on this and he swore he never did that…. but what he really meant was that he didn’t do that during school hours…. he did it AFTER school hours but still in the school grounds. Naughty.



Seems he is lacking some koala skills.

I don’t know how I’m going to tell our children not to climb on furniture when they can just say, “Well daddy does it!”

Interview with AU Review

We did an interview with the AU Review recently.


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