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Banksia Men

Banksia Men

I’ve mentioned before that we had very different childhoods, so things that I grew up with, stories that I know well, mean nothing to him. May Gibbs was a famous Australian author and illustrator and many Australian children grew up reading her stories, especially the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie series.

There are types of trees in Australia called Banksia Trees which have these strange cones on them. The Big Bad Banksia Men are the bad guys in the stories and are basically these ugly cones on the trees. In the stories they have arms and legs but even in real life you can see ugly faces on them and the way they grow on trees makes them look like they are sitting up on the branches in groups.

Many times I’ve cringed as I’ve walked past Banksia trees because it seems like Banksia men are glaring down at me. They were so terrifying in the stories. It’s something my husband can’t understand at all because to him it’s just a tree!

Besides from the scary villains, the stories about gumnut babies are really wonderful. Look how cute gumnut babies are:

They are really beautiful books so if you have children I really recommend them. I’ll definitely be reading them to my children.

The Day We First Met

The Day We First Met

This is a redo of a very early comic!

I never believed him but like to remind him that he used G-Dragon as a pick up line on me.

K-pop Comments – G-Dragon, KARA and JYJ

Eat Your Kimchi Interview – Part 2

Part 2 of our interview with Eat Your Kimchi! We talk about advertising, what their families think and they answer a few questions from readers!


Click here for the first part of this interview.

nicthumb (80x32)How do you feel when people use adblock or tell other people to use adblock?


simonthumb1 (80x29)It’s something we understand from a consumer’s perspective because ads are very obtrusive and they do ruin the experience and it’s something that I wish wasn’t necessary-

martinathumb (90x30)Well okay, we’re trying to think of a way… because I understand that. I read a lot of manga online and it has obnoxious ads everywhere and I’m like “I shouldn’t but…” and I’ll block them so I can actually read it. But we’re trying to think of something now, which we saw from another YouTube website, where it allows you to remove the ads and stuff from our website but people have to pay once per year – like $5 or $10 or something.

simonthumb1 (80x29)I know that it sucks, like I’d rather offer everything for free but you can’t operate that way, so we are trying to find a way to create a better user experience for people.

martinathumb (90x30)But it gives them a choice-


simonthumb1 (80x29)If they are interested. Like a premium version.


martinathumb (90x30)Like if they don’t mind ads and it doesn’t bother them then go for it: it’s free. And we are actually very careful with our ads, like we don’t want ads coming up like “Date sexy Korean girls”. So we know our advertisers and we are trying to think of a way to help people that don’t want the ads.

simonthumb1 (80x29)And some people have complained about some of the ads that are generated. Like some of them are generated ads and we have an advertiser manager and when we hear a complaint we are like “Well this ad was offensive can you remove that ad?” Because we can’t see every single ad, every country has different ads. So we understand you (to the fans)… we just wish you didn’t…. *laughs*

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In The Navy

In The Navy

He told me this story because of the Titanic thing the other day. There are a lot of really boring times when doing military service so they like to act out scenes from movies to pass the time. Of course it made sense to do Titanic scenes because they were on a ship! The poor guys who were new were bossed around by those in a higher position and made to do things like this!

G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT Giveaway!

So you can either leave a comment on the YouTube video or on this blog post (just make sure you tell us your YouTube name as well.

My Heart Will Go On

My Heart Will Go On

Okay I don’t like him doing that in public but at home we’ve been belting out ‘My Heart Will Go On’….sorry to our neighbours. There may be another Titanic theme comic tomorrow too.

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