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Bite Me

Bite Me

I’m really happy that he is a lot more confident in the water now. Not as happy about having my ankles bitten while swimming though…. and he did it more than once!

We are back in my home town now as our beach holiday is over.



Yay internet! I have it briefly to upload this comic. We are in a dead zone right now while on holidays.

And no… we didn’t make seaweed soup… haha.

Who Did You Marry

who did you marry

Things kids say… haha. Not sure what other reasons they thought I might have had for marrying him.

Ask Korean Guys 4

We are still on holidays with bad internet connection but we uploaded this one before we left.

Happy Christmas!

And Happy Holidays to those that celebrate other holidays. Hope everyone is having a good time!



Click here is you don’t know what cosplay is.

Sunscreen is important! Especially in Australia.

Holiday House

Holiday House

Kangaroo poo is a lot nicer than dog poo! My husband wasn’t as disgusted by it.

The kangaroos come in the evening and eat everyone’s lawns. We’ll try to film them while here so we can show you later. They are wild but very used to people.

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