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Happy Lunar New Year!

새해복 많이 받으세요!

Happy Lunar New Year

Ask Korean Guys – 6

Even though we have moved to Korea we will continue the Ask Korean guys series and have filmed several weeks worth of videos. If Mr Gwon has any willing friends in Korea we may film some with someone other than Han (gasp!!!).



This happens a lot. Even if I can follow a bit of what they are saying, the volume and the way its said always indicates an argument to me! But it rarely ever is. No doubt I’ll get used to the Gyeongsang-do satoori but at the moment it’s quite difficult.



No spoilers in the comments please.

Yup, this is his latest obsession. I was going to draw him just dancing around and singing but he insisted I draw him as Anna.

It’s really popular in Korea actually!

Also check out the comic I have on DramaFever.

GD on TV

GD on TV

His G-Dragon jealously has switched to boasting that G-Dragon is talented and funny because he is related to him. So distantly related though!



Comments Australia Day

Commenting on your comments! On Australia Day….

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