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Ask the Wives of Korean Guys 1

We filmed a whole bunch of videos in the final weeks of being in Australia. Here is just one of them where Sophie and I answer some of your questions.

Bird Love

Bird Love

How to annoy your husband: Ask questions that have no right answer.

Still organising our stuff here. I spent most of yesterday sleeping because we’ve had about a month of being super busy and my body just finally crashed. It’s been hard to draw comics as well because we don’t have a desk. We’ve ordered a long one where we can sit side by side and work together. It still feels like we are just on holiday though.

Immigration Four

Immigration Four

Korea, like many other Asian countries, has a superstition about 4 because it sounds similar to the word for death (in Sino-Korean).

Of course tetraphobia is not the only thing needed for living in Korea. I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am that I visited Korea many times before moving here, because it has made the transition a lot easier. If I had never been to Korea before, I would be very overwhelmed. Even more so because we are in a rural area and not a city. I’m sure there will be hard times ahead though.

My visa was extended easily enough thankfully. The visa system here is different to the Australian system. I came to Korea with a 3 month partner visa which has now been extended to 1 year. We just extend again when we need to.

No Warm Hat

No warm hat

Now who is the stubborn idiot?!  Me!!

I think I was tricked the first day we arrived in Korea because it wasn’t tooo cold so I thought “I can handle this!”

Then it got a lot colder. Okay, warmth over fashion!


G-Dragon, always known as Han…. is back attempting to give you some advice. Get ready to cringe!

No Winter Coat

No Winter Coat

You may have noticed my husband has a stubborn streak… well it came out when we arrived in Korea. It was about 5 degrees Celsius when we landed and it got colder and colder. However, he refused to wear anything other than jeans and a tshirt until we arrived at his parents’ house at night! So he travelled from Busan to Jinju to his home town in short sleeves! I’m sure it was below 0 by the time we arrived but he wanted to prove that he could do it.

Moved to Korea

Now that we’ve done the big move we will hopefully be back on a normal posting schedule. Here is a quick update!

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