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Only Wearing This

Only wearing this

His love for Doctor Who has faded a bit since Matt Smith left. I’m still excited to see what the new episodes are going to be like though.

Fan Mail from US and UK

Thank you Amy and Crystal!

Say My Name

Today’s comic is from Sophie!

Say My Name

“All my inlaws are very warm and kind to me, especially my mother-in-law… but she is also very cheeky! Saying her name Like I did would sound extremely rude to a Korean! I laugh at it now, but I was so embarrassed that first time.”

Back To The Countryside

coming back to the countryside (800x800)

We just spent the weekend in Seoul. The contrast between Seoul and the countryside is always interesting. We got off the bus and saw a guy we know, not necessarily a friend, but someone we see around. He offered right away to give us a ride back to the house in his dusty truck. So we put the suitcase in the back and squished into the front. Country hospitality I guess!

On Friday night we hung out with Eat Your Kimchi which was lots of fun. Saturday we went to a wedding and saw some friends and then Sunday we went to Suwon and did a livechat and some collaborations with Hallyu Back.

Busy weekend but so much fun!

Dramas in the Evening

Dramas in the evening

He doesn’t watch that many dramas. If he watches one it tends to be a more serious one, whereas I tend to watch the romantic popular ones. I do like watching dramas with him but there are only certain dramas he will watch with me and even then it takes some persuasion. We watched A Gentleman’s Dignity and Reply 1997 together and are making our way through Reply 1994. Dramas like City Hunter he gave up on because of the romance.

That’s why it’s so funny that he is getting emotionally involved in these dramas that his parents watch in the evening. They are completely cliche soap operas but he watches them every night. Last night he got into a heated argument with his father about the characters…

Live Chat with Hallyu Back

Hey guys! This Sunday we will be hanging out with Hallyu Back and will be doing a live chat!


Come join us!

Sit Down to Eat

Every time we sit down to eat

Do you enjoy the food photos he posts on his Facebook and Instagram? I suffer because of them! Okay only for a few minutes. I’m not allowed to eat until he has taken a photo or video. He takes photos of everything he eats, even if he doesn’t post it online.

We are going to revamp his website soon and we are thinking maybe it should just be a food blog? What do you think?

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