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He found them while searching through some stuff in the house here.

Some people will know what movie he is quoting, and some people won’t 🙂

Common White Girl Tag

We did this YouTube tag for fun. Who is more of a white girl?

Ask Korean Guys – 11

What challenges are there living in Australia. And is Han drunk and are they wearing pants? This was filmed while we were in Australia.

When that ad plays

When that ad plays

It’s a shortened version of this commercial that sometimes plays before videos on YouTube:

The shots of Sydney always get me! I have a few tears in my eyes… but then I’m fine again.

Great Help

Great Help

Thank you for that help husband!

So as you can guess, this is what I ended up drawing.

MGT – Working Holiday Story Part 1

It’s Mr Gwon Time. This week he talks about the first few weeks of his working holiday in Australia. Way back in 2006!

제 호주워킹홀리데 처음 3주 이야기를 만든 비디오에요! 앞으로 이야기 계속 이어서 비디오 만들 계획입니다.

질문 있으시면 댓글 남겨주세요^^

Click captions for English subtitles.

Beauty Guru

Beauty Guru

These type of emails are annoying because they aren’t exactly spam so don’t go into a spam filter and they waste your time. Unfortunately actual proposals and opportunities look very similar so I still need to check. I can see right away that they didn’t do any research and just sent this email off to a bunch of people because it wouldn’t take very long to realise that the only videos where we have used makeup is where we have abused it.

Not to mention the name of our channel and our email address… At first I was annoyed that they expect me to waste my time replying when they didn’t spend any time checking who we are, but the thought of Mr Gwon being a beauty guru made me laugh. If it wasn’t some dodgy “partnership” we have to sign up to maybe I would get him to review products!

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