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Green Shirt

Green Shirt

His imagination….

Lots of packages! (And bonus videos)

We open some more amazing packages!

There are also 2 new videos on the bonus channel. These are actually from years ago but Mr Gwon wanted to share them.

This one is from an Australian Christmas party. I’ve mentioned before that my parents rent out a house to Korean guys on working holiday visas. These guys were a lot of fun. We showed them this party game and as usual they were pretty rowdy while playing it. (We also taught them Marco Polo which ended up being the most abusive Marco Polo I’ve ever played!)

This video is Mr Gwon go-karting with my dad, brother and a friend. Go-karting like this is not something he gets to do in Korea.



It’s been raining for 3 days. Sighhhhh.

This Window

This window

Good thing it’s not a video game! It’s just real life……….oh..

Actually we don’t have windows like this in Australia so I couldn’t see that it had to be twisted several times and then pulled out to unlock the window. That’s the thing about moving to another country, even little things like this can be confusing.

Update and new Coc




I woke up in a dream, thinking that I was back in Australia with my family and I was so happy. Then I wake up and realise that was just a dream and that I’m in Korea and things are terrible. Then I wake up really this time and realise I’m in Korea and everything is fine. This happened the other day and I had to make a comic about it.

What I think my subconscious is working through is this: I have a wonderful family and it’s hard to leave them, not only in the sense of leaving home and leaving my country, but in the sense of leaving and starting my own family. It’s a natural part of life but it can be difficult. My mind was probably questioning whether I’d made the right choices, what if what I chose was really bad? How does it compare to my life with my family? The dream gave me the scenario of that alternative reality. Then I woke up really and was a bit disorientated by these dreams. I go downstairs and find my wonderful husband (who would never act badly like that really) simply sitting on the floor exercising. He greets me with a big smile and I realise how wrong that dream was.

What the bad version of my husband said was also an indicator of some things I do find difficult in Korea. I am the only white person around here and people do come to look at me. Older people touch my white skin. Most days it’s fine but some days I really dislike having to be introduced to many people. But now everyone around here knows who I am so that situation doesn’t really happen, or it’s actually something different. For example the other day my husband called me downstairs and I had a moment of feeling, “I hope it’s not more random people who want to see me,” but actually he just wanted me to see the huge fish a neighbour had caught. (Those that follow Facebook and Instagram would have seen the photo).

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