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Ask Korean Guys – Dream Jobs

Season 2 of Ask Korean Guys. They guys talk about what their dream jobs were when they were kids and what they are now. We filmed a bunch while Han was here and another friend, Daniel, will join Hugh in some episodes later. T

Weird English


Weird English

I actually really like it when clothing has very cute English or Konglish and it does make some sense. But when it’s pretty much gibberish it annoys me. Mr Gwon informs me every single time, “Nobody cares.” It’s seen as cool to have English on clothes and it doesn’t have to make sense which is why there ends up being some complete gibberish. People aren’t native English speakers here so don’t care that it makes no sense.

I do get annoyed at the swear words everywhere though. Oh I’m so old and crotchety! But seriously Korea, stop putting the F-word on everything, especially on clothing for younger girls.


Sorry there was no comic today. We were busy cleaning out a storage room that we are transforming into a (very small) studio.

Here is a page from an old note book of Mr Gwon’s…

mr gwon notebook

Some things have changed, some things have not changed at all…

Mr Gwon Time 10

This is my wife. I made this video for her and you guys.

Actually, when she saw this one she didn’t want me to put it up. but I did.kkkk

It’s funny ^__________^

Hope you enjoy with this!

And this video…



I’m a terrible singer, so just remember that as you read this comic…

Picking Onions

My parents-in-law like to send produce from the farm to others, so they allow us to send some to friends in Seoul. However, every time we do it they make us send so much! Last time we sent rice… and it was a 20 kilo bag…

Takis, Pop Rocks and White Kit Kat

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