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Doesn’t take much for him to think himself an expert! Even though I’m the one with way more skin care experience.

Sometime later I will make a video about differences in seeing a dermatologist in Australia and seeing one in Korea. Korea has a big skincare industry which is way more accessible and cheaper than Australia, but you still have to make sure you find a good clinic.

I think most of my skincare problems at the moment are stress related. It’s a busy month! Which is why this is just a quick comic today.

Save as

save as (800x800)

Well this doesn’t even make sense.

Introducing Daniel

In this video we introduce Daniel! They guys answer some very silly “Would you rather?” questions.

He will help Hugh out in some Ask Korean Guys video and will appear in some other videos. Han will still be in videos, don’t worry!

Cranky Pants

Cranky Pants

(For those that don’t speak English as a native language, “cranky pants” just means a person who is grumpy or irritable. It’s a funny way of saying it).

My residence cranky pants didn’t get any sleep at all because of the World Cup…

Interview with K-Music K-Radio

We recently did an interview with K-Music K-Radio.


It was fun to talk about Aussie things. Mr Gwon even got quizzed on his Australian knowledge!

Start of Summer

Quick video we filmed while riding our bikes around. This time of the year is really nice. Everything is so green and nice and it’s not too hot yet.

Quick Delivery

Quick delivery

So we got the box of paints that we ordered just over 12 hours later…. impressive. We’ve mentioned before that Korea has a “bally bally” culture, which means “quickly quickly”. This is great for consumers, but I do sometimes worry about how much effort is put in to get things sent so quickly. Korea is a lot smaller than Australia though, so it does make it easier to send things. So many things are available for quick delivery. Home shopping is much bigger here as well. My mother-in-law orders a lot of things she sees on TV.

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