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Ask Korean Guys – Tall Guys?

Hugh and Daniel talk about there being a stereotype that Korean men are short and the difference between generations, not just between the much older generation and younger people, but even the differences between men who are Hugh’s age and men who are Daniel’s age. I’ve noticed the differences as well between people around the age of 30 and people who are late teens and early 20’s. People are getting taller.

Eat Now or Later

Eat now or later

We’ve really enjoyed looking after Meemers for Simon and Martina this week. The only cats I see in the countryside are stray ones that are scared of people. We can’t have pets there for a few reasons. Because we live on a strawberry farm we can’t have any animals inside in case any hair gets into the strawberry boxes, which are packed inside. I’m also really wary of having a pet there because animal rights are pretty much non-existent, people aren’t educated about animal welfare and the stray animals can attack and carry disease/parasites. It’s not a good environment for a pet unfortunately, which makes me sad because I love animals. So we’ve really loved being in Seoul and having a pet for a week.

Seoul Vlog

We vlog about using the Seoul subway and visiting Hyunwoo from Talk to Me in Korean and seeing adorable baby Joon! Hyunwoo took Hugh to Project S School so Hugh could try some Martial Arts Tricking. He did really well for his first time! If anyone in our area (Jinju area) does this, let us know!



A bit of alcohol usually improves his English. A little bit more… doesn’t seem to help at all. He was terribly embarrassed at the silly things he said last night. I think that “You can’t choice my life” was the best one though.

He did do it

This follows on from this previous comic.

He did do it

Yeah he actually did it! He wasn’t here when I woke up but he had got up earlier and bought me an iced chai latte. He loves disappointing me and then surprising me later.

This is something I really love about Seoul… the convenience.

You Could

You Could

Chai lattes aren’t always that easy to get in Korea. Because I don’t drink coffee and prefer chai lattes I’m always looking for which places have them. Starbucks and Ediya Coffee are two big chains that have them. Let me know if you know of any others! Since we live in the countryside I can only really get them from bigger chains that are everywhere.

CoC – Red Card and Makeup?

We are in Seoul so we don’t have our normal lights – just using natural light…. ahhh…. natural light… it burns!

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