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Spider in Bathroom

Spider in Bathroom

There are just so many spiders here that unless they are jumping on my face, I just ignore them. But I am comforted by the thought that they will all disappear when winter comes.

Commenting on Comments Alone

And today’s vlog:

Harsh Reality

Harsh Reality

Although I’m completely aware that I’m technically an ahjumma because I am a married woman, there is a difference between knowing that and then actually being called an ahjumma. So it was a shock! Sophie and Chloe think the article title was meant as a fun way because I don’t look like an ahjumma but my first thoughts were, “OMG I am so old”.

The image that comes to mind when thinking of the word “ahjumma” is not a look that I am ready for yet…

Also check out yesterday’s vlog where I get very honest. Make sure you subscribe to the vlogging channel because I won’t always post the video here.

Jinju Lanterns Vlog

On the vlogging channel:

One extra video for fun:

Confident? Ask Korean Guys

Hugh and Daniel talk about liking confident and outspoken women. In the end it all depends on the person, as they can’t speak for all Korean guys of course. They also briefly cover that outspoken people in Korea still need to fit in socially, especially as Korea is a hierarchical society.



Or “80’s Dance Party Llama” judging from that picture. R and L is the same letter in Korean so it’s not surprising that he made that mistake. It’s just hilarious that he wrote it as two separate words and made it sound like a space-age llama.

Continuing on from the theme of yesterday about TV shows I really like and grew up with but he is less familiar with – he is probably more familiar with Futurama than The Simpsons and has watched a lot of it with me.

Vlog – Countryside

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