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Vlog: Creepy Woods!

And now for something more light-hearted… but weird… this is a very quick video where you can’t see much but I filmed because of Hugh’s weird laugh. I’ve never heard him laugh like this before! He was laughing at my karate chop attempts (this was after he had tried jiu jitsu moves on me). This was just few seconds of a 10 minute laughing fit.

Not Cuddling

Not Cuddling

He has been trying out Jiu-jitsu with a friend and I could feel him mentally going though the moves instead of actually cuddling me.

In other news: I have quite a lot of stuff to do for the book in the next few weeks. The good news is that it should be released soon. The bad news is that comics will be quite sporadic for a little while. Sorry guys!

Iksan Ten Million Chrysanthemum Festival

For more information click here.

Update and Vlog

Hey guys. There won’t be a comic today because I’m spending some time painting instead. I have a few commissions backed up. (For those interested in buying a painting or commissioning me to paint something just send me an email.)

Check out yesterday’s vlog though!

Watched You

Watched You

And that’s how to creep on your husband.

CoC – Should we have prom?

Where he sits

Where he sits

I am constantly stepping over him! He sits on the floor, usually in the middle of the room and usually really spread out so that it’s hard for me to move around the room. One day I’m going to end up stepping on his laptop.

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