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Flower in my hair

Flower in my hair

So apparently if a girl is acting silly or strange and she has a flower in her hair, Koreans will say things like, “Oh yeah, she has a flower in her hair, that’s why” because those type of strange girls are likely to put flowers in their hair. I’d never heard that until I came to Korea but apparently it’s from a few movies.

Also, I want to thank everyone for supporting me in the Line Webtoon Contest. Although I didn’t win anything, people seemed to like this new series so I will be continuing it on the webtoon publishing platform over there. I also still have the chance to be a featured Line Webtoon featured artist if I get enough support.

6 Challenges of International Relationships

While movies often glamorize international relationships, in reality there are a lot of things to think about!

Also just wanted to clarify that when we say “the government doesn’t care if you are married” we meant that the government doesn’t give a crap about your love life and a marriage certificate is not a visa, nor does it guarantee a visa. However, actually being married can make obtaining a visa easier. We will expand on these topics in later videos.



I think I’ve mentioned it before, even though he is taller, my legs are longer. So we switched our new pj pants and he now wears the bright pink ones.

I really don’t like my feet and ankles getting cold when I sleep. Are you a cold feet person that needs long pjs and socks? Or are you the type that needs their feet naked and free all night?

Stinky Foreign Food

This Commenting on Comments video is a bit late because I’ve been sick.

Also something I forgot to mention is- yes we are still waiting on the publishing company. Departments have been shuffled around and changed so we now have a different design team.. so yup, still waiting…

The Asian Cup

The Asian Cup

Have you been watching The Asian Cup? It’s in Australia this time… but I’ve been too busy (and sick) to even think about it, but Mr Gwon has been enjoying it.

Date Night

Date Night

I was just joking and knew there was no Jinju Tower… maybe one day there will be!

This is what we really did for our date night. We finally had some time off and went into Jinju for dinner and a movie. You can see a bit of it in our vlog:

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