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Where we first met

This vlog was filmed on our second day back in Australia. We show you where we first met!

Present for me?

Present for me

What a lovely present! He usually does the laundry so there was no point giving me his dirty socks. I was just glad to see him though.

Kpop Lyrics

Kpop Lyrics

Maybe showing his age?


Han and Hugh are back together for Ask Korean Guys!

We will be filming some more Ask Korean Guys in the coming weeks so please ask your questions now!

Vlog: Seoul Meetings and Dinner

This vlog is from the day before we flew out to Sydney.

We had a bunch of meetings and then we had dinner with our friends Simon and Martina from the very famous Eat Your Kimchi. Although we stay with them often, we are both usually quite busy and don’t actually get the chance to go out for dinner that often, but this time we did!

Swimming Again

Swimming Again

It’s still been warm enough to go swimming! It is Autumn in Australia but it’s much easier to go swimming here than in Korea. I’m getting all my swimming in now before we go back to Korea. Not sure why Mr Gwon felt the need to cover his pecs when it was just us in the backyard pool.

Vlog: Alice meets Joon

I’m sure a lot of you know who Hyunwoo Sun is, the founder of the excellent Talk to Me in Korean. He has an adorable baby boy called Joon, and this was the first time Alice met him.

Unfortunately Han is the one missing from this meet up. He had to go back to Australia for work, but Sophie and Alice are staying in Korea for a few more weeks.

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