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Announcement: Line Webtoon Featured Artist!

We have an exciting announcement! I am going to be a featured artist on Line Webtoon for my Nicholalala webtoon! Thank you so much to everyone who liked and commented and shared it, you really helped me become selected. Some people might be wondering why my Nicholalala webtoons disappeared, but it wasn’t because I had given up, it was because I had been told that I had been selected so I no longer needed to post on the Challenge League page, but wasn’t allowed to tell anyone yet. But now the secret is out! There will be Nicholalala webtoons once a week on Line Webtoon.

This new webtoon schedule won’t affect the My Korean Husband comics too much and they will still be 3 times a week, as well as our usual videos.

Thanks again everyone!

Here is the vlog update:



He admitted that he might have really thought the word was “bride’s mate” instead of “bridesmaid”. Which is completely understandable! The bridesmaids are the friends of the bride and in Australia we use the word “mate” for friend.

Is there a word that you have been saying wrong and then one day just finally realised?

We are now at my parents’ house so are settling back into a somewhat normal schedule for the next 2 weeks. We have been super busy in Seoul, then travelling to Australia and then with wedding stuff in Sydney. I don’t know if videos will be on our normal schedule but we will putting more up from now.


Arriving in Australia

Just a quick update video! We are currently editing our backlog of vlogs as well, so they will be coming soon…. hopefully… This very short video that would normally take about 10 minutes to upload on our “slow” Korean countryside internet took 90 minutes on this Australian internet haha.

Going to Australia

Also the other reason why it may be hard to upload videos in Australia is because of the terrible terrible internet speeds….

Update and Vlog

We’ve been quiet this week because we’ve been super busy getting ready to go to Australia, as well as dealing with some health problems (everything is fine, don’t worry) and we had some visitors!

Subscribe to the vlogging channel! More than just vlogs will be coming to this channel soon. And an announcement soon! Stay tuned!

Packed Already

Packed Already

We are heading to Australia next week! We will stay there for a month. I’ll be bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding and we’ll catch up with friends and family. Hugh is packed already! In another comic I showed how he quickly unpacks when he gets home from a trip, but he also likes to be packed early. I’m a last minute packer though. What about you guys?

I think part of the reason for early packing this time is that he is so excited to go back to Australia. We are not sure how much blogging we will be able to do while there because we will be busy, actually from this week on we are quite busy. So please bear with us over the next month as we deal with busy schedules (and unfortunately some health problems).



We live on a farm, in the middle of nowhere… sometimes annoying me is his only entertainment. I often give a good reaction as well. If you watch our vlogs and see him harassing me I’ll do the “Nooo! Don’t!!” and give him a good response to his teasing. I’ve gone through times where I’ve done the blank face and ignored it (because really I don’t mind that much) but it doesn’t matter if I give a reaction or not, he will still do it. He just genuinely likes annoying me, so I might as well make him laugh by reacting to his antics.

However! His sister has just arrived from Australia, where she was for 2 years. She came home yesterday and already they have been bickering, so I think I don’t have to bear the brunt of his antics now.

Don’t judge him too harshly, I definitely have my hyperactive moments of being super annoying and harassing him. He just doesn’t make comics about it.

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