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Sunday Sydney Meetup details

Thank you everyone who came! Was so nice to see everyone!

The meetup will be on Sunday (12th) at Darling Harbour next to the water in front of the IMAX at 3pm. Just a casual meetup for meeting us and other blog readers. See you there!

(Han, Sophie and Alice will drop by too).

Sydney Meetup – Postponed

Update- Due to the rain tomorrow (and some health reasons) we are going to postpone the meet up until possibly Sunday. Will update when we know. Sorry everyone!



Hey guys, we are just having a casual meet up in Sydney this Saturday afternoon (11th April) at 2pm in Hyde Park. We will most likely be somewhere near the pond that is near the war memorial. Come say hi! If anyone has some picnic blankets that would be great! It will just be super casual.

We will update and post any changes on the social media.


First Nicholalala Webtoon Up!


This is just the introduction, but it will be new for those that were following Nicholalala on the Challenge League, and new for everyone else too of course.


Please share and comment if you like it! Thanks everyone!

ALSO: I have made a Facebook page for me as an artist. Rather than create a Nicholalala Facebook page and then create a new Facebook page every time I start a new webtoon series or something, it will all go under the Nichola Gwon Facebook page. Please go like it. Thank you everyone!

Mr Gwon does Motorkhana!

If you are wondering what Hugh does with my brothers while in Australia… well here is one thing!



We were trying to film in my parents’ backyard and the rooster next door decided that he had to interrupt as much as possible. We were filming something for Hyunwoo, for Korean TV, that kinda needed to be one take but it ended up being impossible. Eventually we had to film somewhere else! That rooster was pretty lucky that Hugh didn’t eat him!



Woohoo Bigbang comeback! Unfortunately tickets for concerts go on sale while I’m in Australia so it’s impossible to try to buy them online from here. Even if I was in Korea, it’s so hard to get tickets because they sell out immediately and super hardcore fans have many computers set up to get them as quickly as possible. I can’t compete with that! Fingers crossed that I can get some tickets though… and don’t just have to settle with my husband singing me songs…

Nicholalala Webtoon


The Nicholalala Webtoon starts 7th April! Links will be posted when it’s up!

A few people have been confused because the webtoons are no longer on the Challenge League on Line Webtoon. That’s because the webtoon will be starting as a featured webtoon. The Challenge League is where people post their work in hopes of being selected. Again a big thanks to everyone who liked, commented and shared. You had a big part in helping me become selected. Once the webtoon starts, it still really helps me out if you like, comment and share as well.

If you do comment on webtoons a lot you have a chance to win an iPad!

There is a ‘Comment to Win’ competition at the moment!

For those that followed all the webtoons on the Challenge League, you will see some you have seen before, but I’ll be mixing new ones in as well.

Also, the My Korean Husband comics won’t be going anywhere and will always be on the blog here.

You can follow the Nicholalala Twitter as well!

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