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Squid Breath

Squid Breath

To be fair, he had been eating fresh squid, not dried squid, which doesn’t have the same strong smell. But if I had just been eating mac and cheese he’d be insisting I brush my teeth.


This is what we did on my birthday. We just planned to go for a wander and ended up walking through these parks, World Cup Park and Haneul Sky Park. Wonderful place for couples to go on romantic dates because the area is so large, it’s not crowded at all. LOVE IS THE MOMENNNTTT!!! (That’s from a cheesy song from the ridiculous Korean drama The Heirs).

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Butt

Nicholalala Webtoon Butt


This is probably my most immature episode so far… haha. Thank you guys for the likes, shares, comments and rating. It really helps me a lot. LINE Webtoon is one of the only sites that pays and supports artists, so by reading webtoons on LINE Webtoon and not the sites that steal mangas and webtoons, you are directly helping artists.

New vlog: Filming at EYK Studio and in Hongdae

While in Seoul we’ve been working as normal so we don’t actually get to go out that often. If I vlogged everyday it would be just boring footage of us working on laptops haha. On this day we went and filmed in the Eat Your Kimchi studio as Simon and Martina very nicely let us use it and we got to do some stuff in Hongedae.

Hair Model

Hair Model

It was my birthday yesterday! One of my presents was a new straightener/styler but because it’s monsoon season I can’t really do much at the moment. The humidity is so bad in Korea at the moment and my poor white girl hair can’t handle it. It frizzes immediately. So instead I used it on Hugh’s hair and gave him wonderful Kpop hair.


It’s great to do videos with Jongdae because he is much younger than Hugh, Daniel and Han, AND he hasn’t done his military service yet, so he gives another perspective. If you have more questions for him, please leave them in the comment section!



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