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When I’m sick I don’t want to be near food or see people eating it, but Hugh will still sit with everyone at dinner time and watch us eat! He watches what I eat carefully and urges me to eat certain things and chastises me when I’m not eating enough. I’m assuming this is also related to how popular ‘mokbangs’ are in Korea. A mokbang is a live stream of someone eating often copious amounts of food. Lots of people tune it to watch these. There is also such a focus on “eating well” in Korea. If you eat a lot at dinner you are complimented. My mother in law is always happier when I’ve eaten a lot at dinner and I get the type of praise you’d only give a child in Australia. “Well done! You ate well!”

Hugh gets really frustrated when he has no appetite because he is sick and thinks I’m not enjoying the food as much as I should be. Luckily he isn’t sick now, this was the other week.

He’s also been wearing a cute yellow scarf when he’s been sick to keep his throat warm.

Hotteok Bite

Hotteok Bite

um…. thanks??? Who would be poisoning me? Oh yeah, it’s just an excuse to eat some of mine.

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Noise Outside

New Nicholalala Episode is up on Line Webtoon!

Nicholalala Episode Noise Outside


There are some very strange noises here at night! Right now as I’m writing this the wind is howling through the valley and causing things to bang and other various noises. Not sure how much sleep we’ll get tonight!

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Secret Weddings?

Chloe and I talk about the reality of why you might have a secret wedding if you marry a Korean.

We talked a little bit in the video about friends reactions and as Chloe said, questions about proposals and diamond rings, but I think people really don’t realise how hurtful some comments can be. Especially in western culture, we get so hung up on this idea of when the marriage started on paper that people can say some things without realising how frustrating and hurtful that can be. I’ve had extended family members try to insist that my office registry wedding was my only real wedding. That type of thinking really casts a shadow on the actual weddings we want to share with family and friends and are just inappropriate, because actually it’s our relationship and we get to choose when we publicly commit ourselves to each other. When people are forced by necessity to marry in a government office, others shouldn’t try to lessen that just because it’s not how they expect a marriage to start. From what I’ve seen from other international couples we know, is that regardless of how the marriage started or if there had to be a secret office registry wedding, they are all happy with the choices they made.

Vlog: Bike Ride

It’s been quite a while since I rode my bike around and vlogged. Subscribe to the Nicholalala channel if you haven’t already.

Guessing New English Slang

We cut this video down a lot, and we also talked more about BAE and how the meaning has also changed to also just things that we like as well. Like some people say “OMG that cupcake is so bae!”. We also mentioned how the “before anyone else” meaning is probably an origin myth and made up after it was first used. Probably it just came from “baby”.  We have previously talked in a video about what BAE actually means in Korean.

A lot of these words my friends (who are my age) didn’t know at all. The copious amounts of time I spent on the internet are the only reason why I know these.

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Nature

New Nicholalala Webtoon episode is up on LINE Webtoon.


Even as adults… boys are still gross. How my husband can ruin my peaceful times in nature..


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