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Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass

This is a redo of a very very early comic, before I even had a tablet. Sometimes flight attendants can have trouble with Korean names, but it seems they have some tactics to avoid having to say the name. Fantastic!

What is life? Collab with Kkebong

Kkebong has some Korean internet fame because of funny photos of him desperately wanting the human food on the table. Click here for Korean site. Click here for my Tumblr post.

Kkebong actually belongs to Hugh’s sister’s sister in law so we have visited them in Busan before. We were hoping to make a cute video of him looking at food, but when we looked at our footage we ended up with this video instead… haha. Also because Hugh is sick at the moment, we needed to make a short video as we can’t work on our long videos at the moment.

Hello GD?

This is a redo of an earlier comic about when we first met.

Hello GD

Yes, he used this G-Dragon line on me when we first met. Still haven’t met GD and it’s 5 years later! I thought it was appropriate to share this one again since BIGBANG are currently in Australia now! Ironically I’m in Korea…

Hope everyone has a great time at the BIGBANG concerts!

(Technically he is related to GD but distantly).

Nicholalala Webtoon: Hair

This week’s episode was one that I originally had on The Challenge League before I became a featured artists and is about the troubles of having thin western hair in Korea.

Nicholalala Hair


Luckily there is a great salon in Seoul that caters to foreigners, so I go there so I don’t need to endure other hairdressers looking at my thin tangled hair in horror. Actually my hair isn’t even that thin. You guys can see it in the videos and it’s okay, but just in comparison to hair in Korea, it makes me so self conscious when I go to hair salons.

You can help me out by liking, sharing, commenting and rating the webtoon! Don’t forget to check out other webtoons on LINE Webtoon, one of the only platforms that supports and pays artists.

iKON Pop-up Store

Another video for the Kpop fans:

We go to the iKON pop-up store so we can enter the draw to be selected for a fan meet. Either way we wanted to buy merch, so it worked out well. We found out about this from the “fan cafe” which you can find on the YG website.

You may be wondering why we like iKON so much. They might seem like a new group but fans have actually been following them for 2 years because they have been in the public eye for quite a while (Bobby also won Show Me the Money, the Hip Hop elimination show). As you may know, I’m a BIGBANG fan and I tend to only like Kpop groups that write their own music, and iKON, the next big group out of YG Entertainment, write their own music and are just all-round so talented. Seeing their debut concert really pushed Chloe and I into the fangirl territory. Hugh much prefers me to be excited about music and concerts, than going out drinking and stuff like that, so is happy to buy us tickets and take us to get merch.

Boys Late

Sometimes in our videos we show other couples like Han and Sophie, and Daniel and Chloe, this comic features both of them:

Boys Late

Korea has such a late night drinking culture! This can be really frustrating if you don’t want to go out late or can’t. There are so many factors like who they are with, if there are hyungs (older friends) there, if the drinking is to do with work or if it’s friends they rarely see. All these things can cause late nights. The concept of what is late can differ from what you are used to as well. Many many people stay out until the sun is coming up. Hugh in particular, is such a social butterfly while I’d rather stay in. This comic was actually something that happened last year with all our friends, I vaguely remember it being put on social media as well. The boys made sure we weren’t too annoyed at them staying out late by wearing ahjumma pants (floral pants favoured by middle aged women).

Vlog: “Giga Space” and Food with SeoulSarang

There was a technology exhibit in Sangam where this room was. I wish we had more time to check out the other stuff but it was ending by the time we went. We then had lunch/dinner with Sara. Make sure you check out her channel here.

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