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Our Most Annoying Habits

We sure had a lot to talk about! This was a lot of fun to film. We actually filmed it before we were in Australia for 6 weeks and almost couldn’t find the footage again, but I’m glad we did. After filming this we were like, “Oh I just remembered something else annoying you do!”

In some ways we are really similar but in other ways we are complete opposites. Seriously, who wants to unpack their suitcase at 1am???

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Burial Mound

This Nicholalala episode was inspired by Lunar New Year.

Nicholalala Webtoon


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(All Nicholalala episodes have some basis in fact, but I blur reality and imagination. Wild boars did really destroy part of one of the burial mounds and previously squirrels were hiding their nuts in one).



When learning another language, sometimes you just latch on to the more childlike ways to say things because it sounds funny or cute to you. Hugh always prefers to say “boobies”, even when talking about his own pecs. I like using the children’s way of saying animal names in Korean as well.

Have you witnessed the way that guys make their friends touch them after their workouts??? haha Unfortunately I don’t show enough interest in the hardness of pecs, but when there are no friends around, I’m the one that has to check how hard they are after working out.

Australian Christmas Holiday

Here is a montage of our Christmas holiday. Christmas is in summer in Australia so there can be different traditions to those in the northern hemisphere. My family rents a holiday house in a small coastal town. For Christmas day we also had some Korean friends who work in Sydney come down the coast to join us. At first they were worried that they were invading the privacy of our Christmas but we assured them that Christmas is the time for sharing and every year we always have extra people for Christmas. Hugh absolutely loves Christmas in Australia, especially because Christmas in Korea is pretty much a nonevent and just for couples. We still have some northern hemisphere traditions like a baked ham, Christmas crackers and a Christmas tree, but Australian Christmases can also involve seafood, cherries, water fights and swimming.

Valentine’s Ramen

Valentine Ramen

It’s the little things in life…

We ordered before we sat down at the table, so we had no idea the Valentine’s day special was extra chashu. It was at one of the good ramen places in Hongdae too.

Ask Korean Guys – If could live anywhere?

Even though we were in Australia for quite a while it’s really hard to find the time to film videos like this. So the boys filmed this one casually outside with their friend Clark.

Hugh’s Instagram, Clark’s Instagram, Han’s Instagram

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Small

Nicholalala Dokkaebi


Dokkaebis can be really big and scary looking, but I think our the village dokkaebi is adorable.

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