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In Hongdae


The ongoing theme with Hugh! He either gets annoyed at people speaking banmal (informal language) with him because they think he is young, or he is happy about it… because they think he is young. This time the guy spoke banmal to Hugh because he thought he was his friend, and that’s fine between friends of the same age. By the way, Hongdae is a cool area where all the university kids hang out. (Great food there too).

He also spends half his time in Hongdae enjoying that he fits in fashion wise with his youthful looks and the other half of the time being annoyed at young people. Anyone who frequents Hongdae knows the Hongdae ‘uniform’ at the moment: those Timberland type shoes, a bomber jacket and hair either styled up in the 2 block cut or down in the ‘lego’ hair.

Being in your 30’s is a strange time. Not a young person but not yet an ahjussi.

(This happened on the weekend and Hugh couldn’t wait to tell me that someone mistook him for a friend that is a decade younger).

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Over it



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Korean Strawberry Sandwich

What do we think about strawberry sandwiches? As people who live on a strawberry farm, and who see the hard work that goes into growing strawberries, are we a bit horrified to see where some strawberries end up? Watch to see!

My Australian Wife: Screaming

My Australian Wife

Hugh has resurrected his My Australian Wife comics! He will aim to do one once a week. He designed the characters (hence his 6 pack and big muscles) and draws the comics (I just do the final line art on my tablet).

Hugh says:

This happened the other night. I just walked in the living room and hit the table with my leg. It really hurt, I was rolling around on the floor. Nichola just look at me and was worried about me and told me to scream and I couldn’t because it was too painful. So screamed she instead of me. Then I laughed. So it helped.

Korean Convenience Store Luncbox

We try out some Korean convenience store lunchboxes! One of the cheapest and easiest things to eat in Korea when you don’t have time or much money!

They are actually convenient because we are in an empty apartment! In the kitchen we have 2 mugs… and that’s it… We are using this apartment for a few more days before the lease runs out. The last bits of furniture Simon and Martina have left for us, so we’ll move them back home for the time being. It’s actually so helpful because we’ll be moving to Seoul later this year.

Meet People

Meet People

Hugh does a lot of socializing and a lot of it is business related or important networking. Sometimes I have to show my face because people hear about me but have never met me. I’m elusive! Even when it’s an English speaking environment I’m going to avoid or bail early. I spend so much time hiding away that Hugh thinks he needs to remind me how to dress nicely. Introvert life. I’m happy to go out and have one on one conversations with interesting people, but big group situations are tiring and Korean socializing easily goes until the early hours of the morning.

Hugh is not elusive at all. Whenever he is in Seoul you’ll see him somewhere in Hongdae. He has a love/hate relationship with the Hongdae area. He loves many places there but hates the crowds of university students.

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Naked

Nicholalala naked


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