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Hugh Interviews: SJ

The time Hugh spent in Australia greatly impacted his life. He is not the only Korean guy to have a life changing experience. In this video he interviews a friend who used to be a pickup artist in Korea and talked about his outlook on life changed.

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Harsh Lights

Nicholalala Harsh Lights


Does anyone else have this experience at hairdressers???

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line webtoon

Korean Stuff Haul and Fan Mail

We show you some of the things available on Hey Eonni and also open up some amazing fan mail!

Weird things we do in Australia because of Korea

We filmed this last year with Sara (SeoulSarang) and have only just been able to edit it because we have SO many videos to edit. Slowly working through so many videos. This was a really fun chat! I really enjoy hanging out with other Aussies, especially after I haven’t seen any for a while. I think both of our Australian accents became stronger in this video (there are English captions on the video for those that need help understanding the accent).

This was very much just a casual conversation without much preparation, so it’s just our thoughts and feelings at this time. Opinions can change! Don’t take the video too seriously.

What ‘weird’ things have you done in your own country after living in another country?


Those Shoes

We were walking out of the apartment we were staying at in Seoul when Hugh proudly proclaimed that he wasn’t going to tie up his shoes laces. He didn’t care at all. But within one second he was tying them up muttering, “Just a bit”. His responsible adult side won out. Hugh is at this stage where he wants to wear the younger guys’ fashions but then also worries about things like shoelaces. He goes out in Hongdae a lot, but then at times is annoyed at all the young people. He sees old friends from school or military who now look so old, while he looks quite similar to how he did when he was younger. It’s an interesting time trying to work out identity. We’ll have to see if his fashion changes when we move completely to Seoul later.


Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Kpop Concert



What happens when a Gwishin goes to a Kpop concert??

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Traveling for Kpop in Korea

Although it’s a lot easier to go to Kpop concerts in Korea, it can still involve some traveling. Last weekend we went to Daegu for the day for a concert.

This is quite hastily edited because we had to re-edit when the program crashed… nooo. If you are only interested in travel in Korea skip the concert montage and if you are are only interested in iKON, skip the travel bits if you want.

So some extra stuff about the concert: Daegu was very different to Seoul. It was a smaller, all standing venue. The crowd was a lot younger in general and there were many families. Lots of kids. It wasn’t organized as well and there were many young girls who hadn’t been to a proper concert before and were lacking some concert etiquette. It was really pushy at the start! There were also many people who were new fans or maybe got free tix so didn’t know that much about iKON – like didn’t know the Show Me the Money stuff. BUT it was still very fun. Awesome concert! I’m sorry my camera work was so shaky, like I said, it was more pushy. A lot of the footage is the encore where they run everywhere which is why we were moving around at that time. That’s the end of the concert when everything gets crazy. The moment where B.I stuck his face into the crowd was longer, but I almost dropped my camera, so cut all that hahaha. Security also did not care about filming at all… in fact there was hardly any security at all.

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