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Joel tries Korean Convenience Store Food

I feel like what we chose wasn’t that weird? Or maybe I’m just used to weird things now. I really wanted to try this burger that has mac and cheese pasta in it, but it wasn’t there that time. I think Joel is less used to Korean convenience food though. Though it has to be better than what he ate in this video.

Bad with Names

Bad with Names

I’m terrible at remembering names in English, and even worse at remembering them in Korean. I don’t remember the names of so many of Hugh’s friends, so when talking about them he either uses nicknames like “Jewellery shop guy” or takes the time to explain how we know that person in particular.

Hugh also has picked up some Aussie ways of identifying people, especially if they have the same name as other friends. We know a “Jenny Jenny”, as opposed to “Microwave Jenny”. That’s an Australian movie reference there… please guess what movie that’s from in the comment section!

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Discussion

Nicholalala Episode


This is the third part of this ongoing mini story in the Nicholalala Webtoon. Please show your support by liking, sharing, commenting and rating the webtoon.

Guessing Australian Slang with Megan Bowen

I put Megan Bowen to the test! How much Aussie slang can she guess? I tried to pick some sentences that would actually be used, rather than the old fashioned slang that slang books are filled with, but no one uses anymore.

Megan came all the way from Seoul to visit us in the countryside and we had a great time with her. So many of our Seoul friends say they will visit… but never do… hahaha. We appreciate her coming so far to see us.

We filmed some videos for her channel which will be coming later, and Hugh also tested her on Korean dialect, so that video will be up in the coming weeks.

Morning Kiss

Morning Kiss

We have been busy on the farm lately. Strawberry season has ended but strawberry plants are being planted for the next season. Hugh has been doing a lot of the fertilizer stuff…. and then not telling me until after I’ve cuddled him.

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Running

Nicholalala running


This is part 2 of a mini story on the Nicholalala webtoon. I’m enjoying writing a longer story rather than just a single episode story. If you like the Nicholalala webtoon please share, comment, like and rate.

Famous Korean Cold Noodles

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a foreigner love naengmyeon the first time they try it, because it can seem quite odd with how cold it is. But it’s a dish that grows on you. I like this type in Jinju in particular because of the strips of beef pancake in it.

What did you think of naengmyeon the first time you tried it?



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