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Body Changes and 24 Hour Gyms in Korea

24 Hour Gyms in Korea

Hugh’s latest update about his “Last Chance” transformation. He has come so far! Last night he was looking at some old videos and realised how different he looks now. He has gained a lot more confidence and is feeling much healthier. Calling it his “last chance” has really worked motivation wise and it’s much better for him to make these changes now rather than in his 40’s.  The earlier the better. In this video I ask him questions about his progress and he shows the inside of Korean gyms… in the middle of the night!

It has helped having a 24 hour gym nearby. Usually Hugh and Yoojin, his trainer, go in the evening but one time when they both fell asleep before going. I was just in our office working on stuff and when I came out I saw Yoojin asleep on the sofa and Hugh passed out on our bed. I figured they just weren’t going to the gym, but they both woke up at about 11:30pm and headed to the gym. I think going to the gym that late makes them a little bit crazy.

As we mentioned in the video, we almost weigh the same now! I’m always shocked when they check my weight at my hospital appointments because I have never been this heavy in my adult life. I have to remind myself that I’m pregnant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hugh this lean in all the time I’ve known him either. He really has been changing his body shape. It’s also good timing with the baby on the way.

The last month will be the hardest as now his diet will be more restricted and he will be building muscle to get the special profile photo that is popular in Korea. Once he has done that he can relax. The photoshoot will also be his reveal of how much his body changed and he is very excited to show everyone.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Two


Nicholalala is an weekly webtoon on WEBTOONS that explores fantasy and folklore in the context of the Korean countryside. This week’s episode is part of an ongoing story exploring a particular folklore story.

Wearing T-shirts (the Slytherin t-shirt)

Wearing t-shirts while pregnant

I’ve been getting bigger but Hugh as been getting slimmer. Some of our couple t-shirts we have now switched and I’m wearing the large one and he is wearing the small one. At home when I want to be comfortable I often wear one of his t-shirts. Most are too big for him now. I’m generally not fussy about which one I wear but I can’t bring myself to wear his Slytherin t-shirt. I’m a Hufflepuff. (Since Harry Potter is such a world wide phenomenon I don’t think there is any need to explain much about the Hogwarts Houses here).

People are often surprised to know Hugh is a Slytherin as of course he is a lovely guy. But he is ambitious and driven. A Hufflepuff and Slytherin marriage may seem odd but it does work really well. I remember not expecting to be a Hufflepuff when I did the test years ago, but it makes the most sense now. I definitely identify as a Hufflepuff!

Hugh has lost so much weight, and of course I am gaining weight, that we almost weigh the same amount now! He is only a little bit heavier than me. But he may get heavier again as he bulks up. Going from large and extra large t-shirts down to the small size has been amazing for him, although it does leave a lot of too big t-shirts he can’t wear now. I can wear some of them, but there really is too many. The Slytherin t-shirt, and my Hufflepuff t-shirt, were gifts from a fan so it’s a shame his one is too big for him, because it is a great t-shirt.

I just can’t bring myself to wear it…

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Cutting Nails


Nicholalala is an ongoing webtoon series that combines life in the Korean countryside with fasntasy and folklore. In this episode, the first of another mini series, there is some classic Korean folklore about why you shouldn’t cut your nails at night.

Read at WEBTOONS or on the app. Updated every Tuesday!

How to be annoying (Cold Feet and ‘being’ North Korea).

How to be annoying in your marriage. Cold Feet!

We revisit quite an old comic from the blog! Are you the North Korea in your relationship? Do you deliberately provoke? Are you a totalitarian dictatorship? No… wait… that doesn’t sound right.

The real question: Are you the type to put your cold feet on your partner?

Original comic is here.

Hugh also elbows me a lot and does weird things like steals extra pillows and puts them on his stomach, or scrunches covers into a ball and sleeps with it like that on his stomach. Recently he even stole the pillow I had for my back (so much pregnancy back pain at moment) and had it resting on his stomach whole sleeping!

But I am a super light sleeper and I get up in the middle of the night several times. I tend to open and shut windows while half asleep or just move things around. I also will randomly put my hand on Hugh’s arm in the middle of the night, which can make him jump.

As annoying as a partner can be during the night, when you are used to them sleeping next to you, when they aren’t there it can be even harder to sleep.

This video was filmed over a month ago so my pregnancy isn’t showing as much and Hugh isn’t as skinny as he is now. I’ve been really busy with the book finally being released soon. Every day talking with my editor, re-doing things, drawing extra stuff for it. But I’m excited to finally have a book for the Korean market, which will hopefully be the first of many.

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Massage Technique

Hugh can give good massages but can also be a total cheapskate and want to use every last bit of lotion, even though we had a new bottle of it. I don’t really appreciate him banging the bottle against my back! But of course before I could get really angry his insistence that it was an ancient Asian massage technique made me laugh.

I do like and appreciate Chinese massages and this was not one of them! I shouldn’t complain too much though because Hugh has had to give me a lot more massages since I became pregnant and I know it can get annoying. But just get the new bottle of lotion out!

Are you good at giving massages? What tips do you have? It’s quite intense work and I honestly don’t know how professionals get through full days of massaging people constantly. My hands and arms get tired after about 5 minutes of giving a massage.

Have you also made up bullsh!t and insisted something was cultural, but really you were just being an idiot? I feel like Australians do this a lot, (drop bears anyone?). But Hugh has a much bigger pool to draw from when bullsh!ting since so many things fall under the category of “Asian”.

It’s been hard for me to get a new comic up on the blog lately because I’ve been working on the last few things for the My Korean Husband comic book (in Korean) that will be published soon. This book is for the Korean market and will be available in Korean book stores (and online).

Combining pregnancy with a lot of sitting at desk and drawing work hasn’t been that great for my back, so I’ve been relying on massages even more these days. Once the book is released I look forward to many more comics on here and more videos. (Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel).

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: What she looks like


Nicholalala is a weekly mostly fictional webtoon series on WEBTOONS. You can read on the site or on the app. It combines fantasy, humour and elements of Korean folklore.


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