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Month: September 2017


Quick video of our baby boy moving. It can be hard to catch him on camera but when we wake up in the morning he can be quite active. He responds to Hugh’s voice as well.

When he is born we are likely to have more short videos like this on our YouTube channel as we’ll be so busy in the first month. We’ll keep you updated though. Make sure you are subscribed here.

Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Hanboks and Phones


Nicholalala is a mostly fictional webtoon (though this new episode has a lot truth!) on WEBTOONS set in the Korean countryside with elements of Korean folklore.

Latest Nicholalala Webtoon Episodes

Hey everyone! Since I’ve still recovering from pregnancy complications and my hospital visit I haven’t posted the latest Nicholalala webtoon episodes here.

Nicholalala is an ongoing, mostly fictional webtoon (online scrolling comic) set in the Korean countryside that is influenced by some Korean folklore.



To comment, favourite, rate and share head over to WEBTOONS where you can see all episodes.

Google Translating Articles about Hugh

So many articles about Hugh were in languages other than English or Korean. Besides from asking a few friends to translate, we are relying on Google Translate to see what they say. Unfortunately Google Translate can still be notoriously bad at translating!

In this video we Google Translate a bunch of article titles that end up being quite weird in English. I’m not sure if the “plastic” references are to do with plastic surgery (which Hugh definitely didn’t have).

As you can see in this video, online translating still has a long way to go.

Update: Hospital

Seaweed soup in the hospital

Those that follow our social media will have already seen these updates but now I’m out of hospital I will update too. Just over 10 days ago I was rushed to the hospital with severe bleeding. I’m out of hospital now and I’m okay, and baby is okay! I have placenta previa which is a condition that usually fixes itself, but I’m now in my third trimester and it’s causing some problems. I had bleeding a few more times in hospital while they adjusted my medication, and some contractions. As it’s too early it was very important to stop me from going into premature labour. I’m now at home with some medication that seems to be working. However with this condition I may end up in hospital again sometime. Baby is likely to be premature but we are just wanting to get him to a certain week, where there’s less chance of complications.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support on our social media.

Update! Health? Pregnancy?

An update video!

It’s been about a month since Hugh had his photo shoot, his end goal of his transformation. He has been doing well keeping the weight off. There’s been no rapid weight gain and has settled into a gym routine and eating healthily, but nothing too extreme.

Meanwhile I continue to expand and am getting more and more uncomfortable. As we mentioned in the video, I had a minor scare and had to go to the hospital but was given the all clear. I’m quite housebound at the moment, so I’m still working on what I can but spending a lot of time resting.

In this video we also talk about reactions from his parents about his transformation, and the old women in the village in the countryside. Will his mother continue to try and force feed him?

We never expected the transformation video to go that well, but all the comments have been really motivating for Hugh. Not only is he very happy with his new body and health but being able to inspire other people has always been one of his long-term goals. He is very excited about the future.

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