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Month: December 2017

Nicholalala Webtoon episode: Playing in the snow

While I haven’t had the time to make as many regular comics, the Nicholalala webtoon on LINE WEBTOON is still updated every week.


Q & A – Why we make videos

Answering your questions

In this new video we answer some questions you guys had on Twitter and Facebook. This is the easiest video to do at the moment while still adjusting to being parents. We have a new BIG video coming in the next few weeks though.

We talk about what it’s like to be parents now. It still doesn’t really feel like we are, but hopefully we are doing a good job. Hugh has taken to it very naturally. Some advice some friends gave me before Yul was born was to let Hugh do a lot of things, even if I feel like I should take over because I’m the mother. Having a tiny baby can be scary, especially for new fathers who may have very little experience with babies. Making sure Hugh gained confidence early really helped us to be able to share the workload equally. Another disadvantage that we use to our advantage is that because my Korean is not good enough (and the fact that I’m not Korean), Hugh has to organize all the things like his medicine and appointments. There has been a lot of discussion in Western media this year about the ’emotional burden’ women have in marriages where they have to be the one organizing everything, especially when it comes to children. Things that a husband may not even realise his wife does, which leads to inequality within a marriage. Since Hugh has no choice but to take on these organizing roles it takes a burden off me. This works for our marriage, and lets me still pursue my career goals.

Although having a new born is very tiring, we are very happy! Every day is different and it’s amazing to see how quickly Yul is changing. We made the choice to show him on our blog and YouTube channel in an appropriate and responsible way. It’s a hard choice creators have to make when they have a child and to not show him at all would mean we probably wouldn’t be able to do YouTube in the way that we want to. As Hugh talked about in the video, showing positives of multicultural families is important to us and we want to share our life with all the lovely people who have been following us for years and have been so supportive. These days children can easily make social media accounts and be online from a very young age (often behind their parents’ backs), so we will carefully curate his online presence and teach him how to be responsible and the dangers of it. Once he is older, if he wants all videos with him taken down we will happily do that for him. It’s a changing world and we are doing our best to navigate it.

There were many questions and we couldn’t answer them all, but thank you for submitting them!

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Nicholalala is a mostly fictional webtoon (a scrolling online comic) set in the Korean countryside with elements of Korean folklore.


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