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Month: March 2018

Welcome Home Daddy

Welcome Home!

Hugh was in Europe for 2 weeks so we missed him a lot! We can’t tell you why he was there, but it will all be revealed later in the year!

It was definitely hard without him. We share childcare duties pretty equally so it was difficult taking that on full time. I had a few friends stop by and help me out on some days.

I was curious what Yul’s reaction was going to be when he came home. He was a bit confused at first but soon was happy that his Daddy was home. Hugh spent all of the next day with him.

Tomorrow we fly to Australia and will be there for 3 weeks! Looking forward to seeing family and friends and escaping the pollution in Seoul.

Sneezing is funny

Sneezing is funny!

Just a little video from today. Yul has started these big laughs now which are so funny.

He had a health check up a few days ago to see how his progress has been and the doctor said he is very healthy. All his other checks (things like brain, heart and lungs) showed no problems as well. It’s all amazing news considering he was so premature and in the NICU for a month.

Thank you everyone for all your supportive comments. It’s made such a difference to have this support on our difficult journey to finally have a happy and healthy baby. People have said that seeing a photo or a video of him makes their day and it makes us really happy to hear that. It’s a big decision whether to show your child online but we’ve had overwhelming support, so we are glad seeing these moments from our lives means something to our followers.

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