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Month: June 2018

The Little General Comics

I have another new comic series! This one is inspired by our son Yul and I’m currently uploading on the WEBTOONS platform.

Our son Yul was named after a historical figure in Korea, a famous general in the 1500’s Gwon Yul (though the name can be romanized other ways). This new comic series is about if Yul had some characteristics of his namesake, and babies are demanding anyway so it makes perfect sense! haha.


The timing also worked out that I can enter this series into the new competition on the WEBTOON platform. So if you are  enjoying it, please go and like, comment, share and rate as a percentage counts towards judges decisions.

Here is a snippet from one of the episodes:

Yul’s first trip to Australia

Finally we have our video of our trip to Australia up!

New videos on Korean Appa

As you may already know, Hugh has rebranded his own YouTube channel and it’s now called ‘Korean Appa’. It’s where he puts little videos of him and Yul. He also wants to use it as a platform to encourage other fathers in Korea to be more involved with their children. Lots more will be coming on that channel soon!

New ‘Either Way’ Episodes

There are more episodes up on my new webtoon series ‘Either Way’.

‘Either Way’ is about endometriosis, infertility and IVF and is our journey through illness and eventually having our baby Yul.

Click through to the WEBTOONS platform here.

Busan Trip

Hugh headed down to Busan last Thursday for the Busan International Motor Show, where he was invited as press to the unveiling of the Genesis Essentia concept car. This is a vlog of his time there, as well as parts of the livestream he did at the unveiling and some shots of what else he did in Busan (and of course what he ate!).



Hugh’s new channel! Korean Appa!

Hugh has rebranded his YouTube channel (which previously was just a place for TV appearances we had done and random stuff) to a father and baby channel where he will show little videos of him and Yul. It’s called “Korean Appa”.

“Appa” means daddy in Korean and Hugh is emphasising that he is in Korea and will be speaking a lot of Korean in the videos. He wants to record these memories with Yul, but also wants to encourage and motivate Korean men to be more involved with their children.  Many Korean men grew up with fathers who were emotionally distant (the old fashioned belief that raising children was only the mother’s job) and while men now want to be more involved with their kids it can be hard if they didn’t have a good role model.

Hugh is a new father but hopes his own journey inspires others too. He will also be showing how we are raising Yul to be bilingual and in two cultures. The reason why he is uploading on this channel and not the MKH channel is because we don’t want to have too much baby spam on there. On this ‘Korean Appa’ channel there can be lots of little videos while on MKH they are a longer and more edited format.

Please subscribe if you are interested in seeing more of Hugh and Yul together and want to know about what it’s like to be a modern father in Korea. We hope that it can be encouraging to other fathers as well. We think carefully about what we put of Yul online and always try to make sure the positives outweigh the negatives. So far documenting our story not only preserves those precious memories in a way photos can’t, but also helps us to constantly be thinking and revaluating about what is important in our own relationship and what we want and need for our family. 20 years ago we wouldn’t have shown our child in this public way, but times have changed a lot and children can very soon make their own social media accounts without parents knowing. By being more public with our videos we hope to educate Yul about social media and how to create a positive identity online.

We already get so many comments from people about how seeing Yul in our photos and videos makes their day or how they are encouraged when they see us as a family together. I hope we can continue to be something positive and encouraging.

The majority of videos will be in Korean but there are English subtitles, just click for the CC or subtitles at the bottom of the video.



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