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Month: July 2018

Korean Appa Videos

Here are the most recent videos from the ‘Korean Appa’ channel, which is Hugh’s channel. These days he is posting videos of him and Yul.

Yul tries lemon for the first time

Hugh really wanted to film Yul trying a lemon for the first time. It’s so hot in Seoul right now (you can see how much Hugh is sweating) and lemon can be refreshing, though I don’t think Yul thought so.

For more videos with Hugh and Yul subscribe to the Korean Appa channel.

Kid’s Shows

It’s been a while since I’ve made a My Korean Husband comic! I have plenty of ideas, it’s just literally trying to find the time. Besides from being a mother I’ve also been busy working on two other comics series, ‘Either Way’ and ‘The Little General’.

Yul is 9 months now and is turning into a little boy, not so baby-like now. Occasionally we have the TV on and he watches a bit of Pororo or Tayo. I could hear Hugh belting out the songs and thought Yul must have been so engaged in the songs, but once I looked in the room Yul wasn’t interested in Hugh’s singing. It didn’t stop Hugh from singing along though.

National Museum of Korean Contemporary History (대한민국역사박물관)

National Museum of Korean Contemporary History (대한민국역사박물관)

We recently had a family day out and went to this museum. I hadn’t been before but I was glad that we went. It’s a great overview of Korea’s modern history. Although I was familiar with much of this history, it was interesting to see in a chronological order and to see artefacts from historical events.

Many people get interested in Korea through Kpop and Kdramas and don’t realise Korea’s interesting but sometimes very sad, past. In order to understand Korea now, it’s important to understand what has happened to Korea.

This museum is really easy to get to and the staff were so nice. Even finding Yul’s toy that he lost even though it was closing.

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