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Month: September 2018

Kids Books

In Korea people tend to be open about certain bodily functions, more than western countries. For example, several romantic dramas will still have a scene where the lead female character is constipated or has diarrhoea. This openness shows a lot in children entertainment, with many TV shows having songs about poop and many kids’ books being about pooping.

I was browsing the book store because I wanted to buy out baby Yul a new book. So many just seemed to be about poop, pooping and butts! I found one I thought was just about different modes of transportation but it turned out it was a book to HELP kids poop. The different transportation sounds help relax kids I guess?

Please send me some non-poop books! haha

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Mac & Cheese VS Dried Squid

In this video we talk about different perceptions of food depending whether we are coming from a western or Korean mindset and we try a new Korean product called ‘CleaningTime’. We test whether it can eliminate bad breath from Mac and Cheese and dried squid.

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New ‘The Little General’ Episodes

There are new episodes up in my ‘The Little General’ comic series, inspired by our son Yul (who was named after a famous historical general).


Continue reading this episode here.

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Behind the scenes Big Marvel & The Drummer Gordo

My brother was visiting for a few days, so Hugh organized a collab with Big Marvel, since they are both musicians. Big Marvel is a Korean YouTuber who has a huge international following, who we’ve known for a few years. He used to have just a Korean channel but he started again and switched to an international audience and now has over 5 million subscribers. ‘Big Marvel’ is actually a funny, awkward persona he adopts for videos. This video is my vlog of the day. You can see how much time and effort goes into these collab videos that look like just a random performance on the street.

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How to find Kpop fashion? DDP Dongdaemun in Seoul.

In this video we head to HiSeoul Fashion Market which is a shopping event every 3 months and lots of designer clothes are discounted. It’s a great place to find the brands Kpop idols have worn. They helpfully have signs and point out which clothes they are. Hugh and I haven’t had time to go shopping lately, but with this collab video we were able to actually buy some new clothes!

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