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Month: October 2018

Worst Thing

Baby Yul got to eat some ice cream on his birthday because he had an ice cream cake. There was some left over the next day, so Hugh gave a few mouthfuls but then didn’t let him have any more. Yul was really not happy and cried and cried. Hugh felt frustrated at Yul’s extreme reaction until I reminded him that this is literally the worst thing to ever happen to him!

Even as an adult I wouldn’t want someone to stop me from eating ice cream!

Korean Appa – Update and going to the park

New Korean Appa video! It’s been a month since Hugh uploaded on his channel so in this video he gives some updates about his life and new job. We also take Yul to the park.

This issue in Korea

This video was supposed to be a sponsored vlog of a film festival, but the film Hugh saw was very upsetting, so we changed the video to talk about this issue instead.

Low Furniture

Hugh’s parents’ house is traditional in the sense that most of the living is done down on the floor, so the furniture is very low. This means so many things are in easy reach for a baby! Our apartment in Seoul is more baby proofed so we can relax a bit, but when we went back for Chuseok we had to be “on” the whole time. Yul wanted to touch EVERYTHING! Of course it was all tempting, but so many dangerous things around. Someone had to be hovering above him at all times. In comparison, Hugh’s sister has a modern apartment and it’s a lot easier when we visit her as it’s safer for Yul to crawl around.

I’ve been told that because of the low furniture in Korea parents often resort to walkers for babies to keep them contained, so they can’t reach as much, but they are frowned upon in other countries and outright banned in some as they can be dangerous. So we’ll just have to be super careful while we visit in the countryside.

But seriously, babies want to touch EVERYTHING!

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