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Month: June 2019

That Play-Doh Smell

The smell of childhood

Hugh and I had very different childhoods and some things we only realise now that we have Yul. Since Korea has changed a lot, Yul has a lot more access to things that I had in my stereotypical Western childhood, like Play-Doh. Whereas what Hugh had to play with in the ’80s in Korea was very different to what I had in Australia. These days things like Play-Doh are easy to get in Korea.

Growing up, we also made Play-Doh at home ourselves, but my brain instantly recognizes the smell of the store-brought Play-Doh brand. I had fun sniffing Yul’s Play-Doh while Hugh had no interest…

Yul also has Play-Doh toys and accessories I would have loved to have as a child but they were either not available then or would have been too expensive. Yul really enjoys playing with Play-Doh but doesn’t realise how lucky he is! He is also young so his playing mostly involved just layering pieces of Play-Doh on top of each other.

He has yet to discover the slime craze thankfully and hopefully I can hold that off for a while!

Seoul Vlog: Working Mum Life

Vlogging my day and new project!

As I mention in the video, we had 3 or 4 videos lined up and loosely scripted to film 2 days ago… and then realised it was a public holiday and there was no daycare for Yul. It’s impossible to film those types of videos when Yul is home. We would have filmed yesterday instead but Hugh flew out to Japan for the weekend. So I decided to vlog my day instead for a video. It ended up being a day and a half technically, but the timing worked out because I could show Sara and I recording the first episodes of our new podcast.

Sara (HojuSara on YouTube) and I have been planning to do a podcast for quite a while and finally it’s happening. We’ve been sponsored the equipment and have a producer (Kait who is from my area of Australia!) so it’s going to be coming soon!

The air has been a lot better these past few days in Seoul. We had a good amount of rain, which clears away the pollution. So I took the opportunity to take Yul to the nearby parks at the river. He had a nice time wandering around and looking at bugs. The Han river parks near where we live are a lot less crowded than many others, and have lots of shade from trees, which I’m so grateful for. It’s never easy going anywhere with a toddler and even harder in the summer heat.

Once Hugh is back from Japan we’ll be filming a bunch of stuff. Also I have many comic ideas lined up, just trying to adjust my schedule to fit it all in.

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I’m also on a radio show on tbs eFM called “Real Mom, Real Talk” which you can listen to if you are in Korea on Saturday mornings, or you can listen as a podcast on various podcast sites.

YouTube 100K Silver Play Button

We received our 100K Silver Play Button from YouTube… and Yul helped us unbox it….

Big thank you to all our subscribers!

Whether you recently subscribed or have been with us from the beginning: thank you! It’s been a long road to this milestone but we wanted to do it with with making genuine content and positivity.

If you haven’t yet subscribed head over to the MKH YouTube channel and subscribe, if you’d like to!

As we’ve mentioned, we will be doing YouTube more professionally now that we’ve reached 100K and are currently working out a regular schedule.

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