We are a married couple and we first met in Sydney, Australia. Nichola is an Australian woman and Hugh (Mr Gwon) is a Korean man. Nichola grew up in rural Australia, while Hugh grew up in rural South Korea. Growing up in very different cultures means there are many challenges to face, but there are also very many rewards.

Nichola first started this blog because she wanted to show all the positive and fun aspects of being married to someone from a different culture and did this by making little comics. The blog became a joint project and expanded to YouTube. Now we both make videos about our life together and about Korean and Australian culture. We are passionate about multiculturalism and educating people about all the positives of intercultural marriages.

We are currently living in South Korea. We lived for 2 years with Hugh’s family in the Korean countryside and moved to Seoul in 2016. We also now have a baby son! You can see more about him on Hugh’s YouTube channel Korean Appa.


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