24 Hour Gyms in Korea

Hugh’s latest update about his “Last Chance” transformation. He has come so far! Last night he was looking at some old videos and realised how different he looks now. He has gained a lot more confidence and is feeling much healthier. Calling it his “last chance” has really worked motivation wise and it’s much better for him to make these changes now rather than in his 40’s.  The earlier the better. In this video I ask him questions about his progress and he shows the inside of Korean gyms… in the middle of the night!

It has helped having a 24 hour gym nearby. Usually Hugh and Yoojin, his trainer, go in the evening but one time when they both fell asleep before going. I was just in our office working on stuff and when I came out I saw Yoojin asleep on the sofa and Hugh passed out on our bed. I figured they just weren’t going to the gym, but they both woke up at about 11:30pm and headed to the gym. I think going to the gym that late makes them a little bit crazy.

As we mentioned in the video, we almost weigh the same now! I’m always shocked when they check my weight at my hospital appointments because I have never been this heavy in my adult life. I have to remind myself that I’m pregnant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hugh this lean in all the time I’ve known him either. He really has been changing his body shape. It’s also good timing with the baby on the way.

The last month will be the hardest as now his diet will be more restricted and he will be building muscle to get the special profile photo that is popular in Korea. Once he has done that he can relax. The photoshoot will also be his reveal of how much his body changed and he is very excited to show everyone.

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