We were given an awesome experience this week as we got to go to the MBC Genie Music Awards. Not only could we attend, but we were in a special section in front of the crowds and right near the artists. Kpop groups attending, performing and receiving awards were BTS, Twice, Wanna One and more. We have a big vlog about our experience here:

As we mentioned in the video, Hugh was very close to BTS and other artists. I was further along and next to the walkway the artists walked on to go receive their awards. There were only a certain amount of fans in this area and we were called “supporters” and given special banners. We were in a position to interact with artists, like when they touched our hands when walking by and we were there to cheer them on. It was a really fun experience.

Not only was it amazing to see all the artists and celebrities, but we got to see all the behind the scenes views of how a big awards show is run and organized. Being parents of a 1 year old, we don’t get to have as many fun experiences these days, but Yul was with a babysitter and we made sure we had a good time.

Hugh is now even more a BTS fan since he has now interacted with them and seen them perform in person. I guess he’ll be going to a concert next tour! haha. He said he finally understands why I get so excited about concerts and seeing my favourites perform. Speaking of my favourites: iKON did win an award but weren’t there. But I cheered for them anyway!

Since BTS is the biggest Kpop group in the world at the moment we made sure we got lots of footage of them for all the fans, a lot is through the vlog, but also a bunch is on the end of the video. Hugh had our good camera with him, so he got some nice shots that I hope people enjoy!


Big thank you to our friends who gave us this opportunity, and thank you to all our friends and fellow YouTubers who went with us and made it such a fun experience!

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