Hey guys, I’m not feeling that well today, so didn’t finish my comic. But instead of putting nothing up I thought I’d show you the other art I’ve been working on. I’ve been able to start painting again while in Korea and we have a little studio, so it’s been perfect to start again. And I’m surrounded by the beautiful Korean countryside and feeling very inspired.

I hadn’t done much painting in many many years so I started out small. These are two small paintings I tried first.

These are some flowers I saw in Spring.

Painting Flowers

The sun setting over rice fields and greenhouses.

Painting Rice Fields

Then moved onto something bigger and more complicated. This is a greenhouse and kimchi pots I saw in Busan.

Green House Kimchi Pots

This is what I’m currently working on:

Work in Progress

This ‘work in progress’ may be a commission. I’ve been commissioned but given the freedom to chose what to paint, so if the person who commissioned me likes this one, it’s theirs.

If you follow the social media you will have probably seen most of these, but I thought I’d put them on the blog as well. Sorry there is no comic today!

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