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Introvert VS Extrovert in Marriage

We chat about what it’s like being an introvert and an extrovert in marriage. (This video was filmed a few weeks ago, you may notice Hugh is not as slim here as he is in recent videos).

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Han and Hugh talk about some more reverse culture shock they experienced when going back to Korea.They talk about the cold, greetings, internet speed and foreigners.

(This was filmed back when we were in Australia and sorry for bad lighting).

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Drinking, Vegans and Street Food in Korea

There isn’t a new comic today because we are busy in Seoul, but there will be a new comic and a new webtoon on Monday.

We do have a new Ask Us video up!

For more info about drinking and being vegan in Korea, check out the comment section on YouTube because there is advice from other foreigners in Korea.

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Live in another country?

New Ask Us video!

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Favourite Childhood Toys

In this Ask Us video we talk about our favourite toy when we were children, chestnuts and where we will live in the future.

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Christmas in Korea and Honeymoon

Something else that we didn’t mention in the video was that even though Christmas is viewed as a Christian holiday in many countries, there seems to be not much connection between it and actual Christianity in Korea, at least not to the extent that I’m used to. Even though many Koreans are Christians, I see a lack of nativity scenes and religious symbolism but instead lots and lots of Santa and Christmas tree stuff. I think in Western countries, even if you aren’t religious, you may go to church on Christmas with family because it’s tradition, but it doesn’t seem to be the thing here as it’s not as ingrained into the culture. Also the fact that it’s a couple holiday and not a family holiday seems to play a part in that. To me Christians seem very insular here and although they go to church on Christmas, it’s not the welcoming services for all that I see Western churches doing. I just doubled checked with Hugh and his response was like, “Why would anyone else go to church on Christmas??”

For me I think that’s one of the disappointing things about Christmas in Korea, besides from it being a couple thing, there isn’t that type of Christmas service that everyone feels they can go to.

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Arguing with a Korean Partner (and family communication)

In this Ask Us video we tackle some more serious questions! Two questions seem to pop up all the time so we answered as best we could. There are always way more things to say that don’t fit into a video and already this video was quite long.

As I mentioned in the video, we can’t reply to all the emails we get where people want relationship advice, but we can sometimes do videos like this where we discuss topics like this.

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