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That Play-Doh Smell

The smell of childhood

Hugh and I had very different childhoods and some things we only realise now that we have Yul. Since Korea has changed a lot, Yul has a lot more access to things that I had in my stereotypical Western childhood, like Play-Doh. Whereas what Hugh had to play with in the ’80s in Korea was very different to what I had in Australia. These days things like Play-Doh are easy to get in Korea.

Growing up, we also made Play-Doh at home ourselves, but my brain instantly recognizes the smell of the store-brought Play-Doh brand. I had fun sniffing Yul’s Play-Doh while Hugh had no interest…

Yul also has Play-Doh toys and accessories I would have loved to have as a child but they were either not available then or would have been too expensive. Yul really enjoys playing with Play-Doh but doesn’t realise how lucky he is! He is also young so his playing mostly involved just layering pieces of Play-Doh on top of each other.

He has yet to discover the slime craze thankfully and hopefully I can hold that off for a while!

My Toddler Pranking Me

3 mins of my toddler pranking me

Yul and I are still in Australia so I haven’t been able to make many videos, but I did have lots of footage of him playing with the garden hose. And since he always turns the hose on me, I thought I’d edit all the footage together. Enjoy!

We’ll miss having this space when we go back to Korea…

Flying with a toddler

Flying with a toddler – 10 hour flight

This was actually the second time I had flown with Yul without Hugh but this time it was a little bit difficult! The first time was traumatic for me to be without Hugh (last minute change) but once I was on the plane it was okay as I had people around me help.

This time I felt very much alone as there was no one capable sitting around me to help me. I was prepared, but there are always things that can go really wrong.

As I mention in the video, they put an elderly man on the other side of me, on the aisle seat. It was difficult for him to get up and out of his seat so I felt very trapped for much of the flight. But several times I did have to get him to get up (he was very nice and I felt really bad) because I desperately had to get up and to the toilet with changing table. Watch the video to hear what happened before we even took off!

The most you can do to help with flying with a toddler is just be prepared as possible. You don’t want to over-pack, but you also want enough nappies (diapers), plastic bags, snacks and toys. The whole flight is just being alert to make sure your kid doesn’t start crying or having a tantrum meltdown.

Yul does watch the screens a little bit, so I put a kids movie on for him (the inflight entertainment), he can watch without sound happily too, but screen time only helps so much. Too much screen time with kids on planes can backfire because they can then have a tantrum when they can’t watch something or when it gets taken away from them. That’s why I don’t take an ipad for him on these flights yet.

I still have to fly back with him in a week! So I’ll be updating with more tips soon!

Easter Egg Hunt

Yul’s first Easter egg hunt!

Last Easter Yul was just a round chubby baby, but this Easter he is old enough to do an Easter egg hunt! With no other cousins yet, it was just him, but he did understand the point of it really quickly and had fun doing it.

Easter eggs aren’t sold in Korea, and Easter isn’t really celebrated (it’s acknowledged but not CELEBRATED), even by Christians, so it was good to be able to come back to Australia and celebrate it with my family. Most of my family was home and we ate lots of good food, went to church and has nice family time together.

I’d like to always come back for Easter because the weather is so nice this time of year, but when we already come back for Christmas I’m not sure if it will work out every year. Hopefully we’ll be in a position soon to celebrate Christmas and Easter in Australia but Chuseok and Seollal in Korea.

Toddler Kisses

toddler kisses comic
toddler kisses comic in korean

Kiss for Mummy and Daddy: Toddler Kisses

This is how Yul kisses at the moment…. wet slobbery kisses that often involve teeth! Toddler kisses are funny. He knows what it means when we ask for a kiss and it’s really lovely when he gives us kisses, but it can be a bit gross too! haha

We are making sure that he knows he can say no as well. When we ask for a kiss sometimes he does shake his head no, and we make sure we say something like, “That’s okay”. I think him knowing he has a choice means he enjoys giving up very big kisses when he is in the mood.

It’s super cute for us, being new parents, to now have these sweet interactions with our son. Every day he is learning new things and it’s so exciting to see his personality develop.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a comic. I’ve had a few months of being sick on and off. Sometimes it’s been a cold, sometimes it’s my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sometimes it’s my Endometriosis and the past two weeks it’s been a very bad sinus infection. My goal is to make a MKH comic at least once a week. I usually only have the time while Yul is at daycare to make comics and that time gets eaten up by general household stuff I have to do.

Hugh is super busy these days as he is doing a lot of business stuff on top of his normal job. He is involved in many projects right now but all this hard work will hopefully mean we are in a better position financially by next year, AND in a better apartment.

Also if you want to see how big our son is now, and lots more things we have been up to, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Surprising our son with dinosaur toys

Surprising our son with HUGE toy dinosaurs!

Our son Yul loves dinosaurs. He has got on the dinosaur train quite young he’s only 17 months! I never really introduced dinosaurs to him, but he has seen toy ones at daycare and in books. He has a few dinosaur books which he loves. And he can also make dinosaur sounds! But he didn’t have any dinosaur toys!

We realised we didn’t really have any dinosaur toys at home. There was one that we left in Australia and he once stole one from daycare which of course we had to take back. We didn’t want to buy him just any cheap small plastic ones, we wanted to do something special.

I started to remember things from my own childhood. I’d read many books about dinosaurs and it was an interest shared amongst my siblings. We knew lots of dinosaur names. I wanted to pick dinosaurs that felt classic and what I was familiar with in my 90’s childhood. We ended up choosing four: stegosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus and brachiosaurus. Each are different enough from each other and instantly recognisable.

The dinosaurs we ended up buying are a softer plastic and has a nice feel to them. They are also huge toys! But Yul loves dragging big things around so we knew he’d love that they are that big. We wanted to surprise him and capture his reaction, so it was all set up for when he came home from daycare….

Watch the video to see his reaction!

Baby Mukbang!

In this video we choose some food for Emart and prepared it for Yul’s lunch. Hugh chose the western food and I chose the Korean food. We tried to pick things we thought Yul would like. Yul likes both western and Korean food, so we were curious to see what he would eat.

We’ve let Yul use his utensils and eat by himself for a while now, though in Korea it’s more common for a parent to still spoon feed at this stage. But allowing him to do it himself means he chooses what he likes, and eats until he is full and stops when he wants to stop.

This is our final Emart video as our 6 month contract has come to an end. Emart were a really great sponsor and I’ve actually found many great products. I wouldn’t have known since we don’t have an Emart close to us, but we do use the Emart app to order these days.

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