Army Fashion 20

Army Fashion

This is something I’m quite curious about. Mr Gwon has no desire to ever wear that army camouflage ever again and said his friends, who have also done their service, have an aversion to it as well. Some say they have an “allergy” to anything military looking because compulsory military service is so stressful and difficult. Some refuse to ever buy the brands that are used in the military, even though they are just a completely normal brand outside the military too. For example, they won’t ever buy a brand of skin lotion if it was the one they had to use while doing their compulsory military service.

However, I see that military camouflage patterns on clothes and bags all the time in Korea! I’m wondering whether only younger guys who haven’t done their military service yet are the ones buying it? Let me know in the comment section, if you are a Korean guy and you’ve done your service, do you still wear clothes with a military camouflage pattern? Or do you never want to wear it again?

In regards to this type of military looking clothing, what is it like in your country? Is it often used in fashion or is it shunned?

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White 9


I’m so messy that he doesn’t even sugar-coat it for me, just straight out tells me to not buy anything white. There are so many lovely light coloured clothes in Korea though!

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It’s here! The G-Dragon Summer Lookbook! Now you know what to wear this summer!


We always have a really fun time shooting with Han (and Sophie). Did you see mine and Sophie’s cameos in our ahjumma clothes?  Actually almost everything GD (coughHancough) was wearing was ahjumma clothes.

Fun Fact: Hugh didn’t open a roller door properly and Han walked into it right before filming. In some shots you can see the big bump coming up on his forehead.

(We were also poking fun at a lot of ‘lookbooks’ on YouTube with this video. Search lookbook on there and you’ll see what I mean).

If you like this video please share it!

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Stupid Army Jacket 20

Stupid Army jacket

Not only because it is dirty but it’s an outside type jacket! It doesn’t feel nice to cuddle up against.

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Zebra Backpack 37

Zebra backpack

I have never owned a designer handbag or been interested in one, but I do have one weakness… G-Dragon. It was very smart of the brand J.ESTINA to get GD is promote their bags – which are for women. Check out some photos on BigBang Updates.

I was interested in this backpack but I knew it would be expensive, so I didn’t want Mr Gwon to see how expensive! Now if I was able to buy it myself I wouldn’t be able to hide the price! Damnit.

Though, to put it in perspective, it was still about a third of the price that Mr Gwon’s friends’ wives spend on one designer handbag.

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Sexy at home? 34

Sexy at home

You know how in Korean dramas the guys wear casual but stylish clothes at home? It’s all a lie! This is what they are really wearing (don’t try to deny it Korean guys!).

I really noticed the contrast yesterday because he bought some new clothes and he looked so nice and handsome, but then he changes into this…. it can be a mood killer. 99% of the time this is what he is wearing at home. There isn’t even a tshirt under the jacket! And why do Korean guys complain about their military service constantly but insist on wearing military clothing for the rest of their lives? Haha.. anyway it makes me laugh… and then I go back to watching Korean dramas full of men wearing nice clothes.

So guys in Korea tend to dress really well when they go out in public, seriously some of the fashion here is so great… but it’s a different story behind closed doors.

(The point of this comic isn’t about just Korean guys dressing down inside because most people do that, it’s just my observations of the contrast of being extremely fashionable outside and the interesting style choices at home).

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Skinny Jeans 9

Skinny Jeans

Too many Kit Kats!

There was no way he could get them done up.

In other news: I have a comic and article over on Drama Fever that you can check out! It’s about creepy folklore.

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2 Year Old 26

2 year old

Guys… it used to just be that he’d be in his underwear but lately it’s been a t-shirt and nothing else. I think that’s worse!

I just asked him, “Why do you hate pants so much?” and he said, “Not only me! All Korean guys!…………. and not wearing pants is comfortable.”

Yes…. but…… sigh….

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Worst Packing 21

Worst Packing

If we are travelling somewhere I will pack carefully but we are just moving three streets over! I don’t see the point of packing neatly. Those that follow us on Instagram would have seen my photo of his neat packing HERE.

I really really hate packing. My version of packing is derping around on the internet for hours until finally being forced to pack at the last minute.

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Choose Anything 13

Choose Anything


He is joking anyway because our money is all shared. However, I am concious of not spending too much because I contribute a lot less than he does. Over a year ago when I first said I wanted to pursue writing and blogging he told me he will support me no matter what. He knew this was important to me so he gave me the opportunity to try this while he works. I’m really really grateful to him and being able to have so much time for blogging and writing has been great. I’m working towards making a good income from it so he won’t have to work so hard.

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Fashion Post 19

Puji asks

i wanna ask about how korean people think about fashion and where they usually buy their clothes, because i am impressed by their fashion style, kekeke. thanks :)


Okay I’m going to open this up to everyone, so please share your opinions in the comment sections. If you live in Korea where do you buy your clothes?

I really like Korean fashion and a lot of my clothes are actually Korean but I think I still wear them in my own style.

Australian fashion can be anything really, it depends on who you are, where you are, personal taste etc. There is definitely a more distinctive Korean style. We can tell who is Korean in Sydney a long way off simply because we recognise the brands and styles that Koreans wear.

One of the bigger differences between Australian fashion and Korean fashion is what skin is shown. Korean girls will easily show all their legs but usually keep their chest area, shoulders and backs covered. While Australian women may show their legs (just not as much as Korean girls) we have no problem with showing cleavage and chest area, shoulders and back. I’ve heard that the back is seen as particularly sexy by Koreans but for Australian women, a lot of our summer dresses are maxi dresses that reveal a lot of the back.

Another difference is the way Korean girls wear baseball caps. Here, if we are wearing a baseball cap like that it’s because we are going to exercise or do something sporty. But Korean girls will wear huge heels, a short skirt and nice blouse, do their hair and makeup and plonk a cap on. It took me a while to work out that this was just Korean style (and sometimes girls want to hide their faces).

I remember when I first had Korean friends and I’d arranged to go shopping with a friend. She’d answer the door wearing a cap like that and I’d be like, “…..Are you not ready? Do you need more time to get ready?” To me the cap was just too informal to go out in. It’s still sometimes strange to me to see girls wearing beautiful clothes with a cap like that.

My sister-in-law sent me some Korean clothes and accessories recently. Here are two photos of me trying them out.

Korean FashionKorean Fashion 2









What do you think? Do you like Korean fashion?

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Putting My Shoes On 11

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Hat Oopsies 13

Soooo… I used his hat when I picked a winner for the last giveaway. I wrote all the names on pieces of paper and put them in his hat. BUT afterwards I didn’t empty the hat and while he was on the phone and not paying attention he put it on his head. Oopsies.

Sorry Jagi.

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Squid 8

What is cooler? A squid or a jedi?

Well probably not a squid when they look like this:

But what about when they look like this?

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Some Days 18

(remember these comics are just about my experiences and not a guide to all Korean men! haha)

Oh the difference between TV and reality! Funnily enough though, the other week when out with Korean friends, the girls told me I was lucky that my husband was always well dressed and well groomed. I just laughed because they have seen him at his best- which isn’t often. Sometimes it’s a real stand off because I want him to change into something nicer before we go out and he seems to think it’s such an effort.

I have noticed a difference between guys in Korea and Korean guys in Australia who are on working holiday or student visas. There is less pressure in Australia to look good and if they are busy working or studying they don’t care as much. Where as actually in Korea you will see some amazingly stylish men and more emphasis on fashion.

I think my husband is still stuck in “working holiday mode” although he is actually a resident now.

I actually didn’t start watching Korean dramas until after I met my husband. So when I did it was like, “What? They are supposed to look like that?!”

I shouldn’t be too hard on him, he’d much rather buy me something pretty rather than spend any money on clothes for himself.

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