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Dramas in the Evening 41

Dramas in the evening

He doesn’t watch that many dramas. If he watches one it tends to be a more serious one, whereas I tend to watch the romantic popular ones. I do like watching dramas with him but there are only certain dramas he will watch with me and even then it takes some persuasion. We watched A Gentleman’s Dignity and Reply 1997 together and are making our way through Reply 1994. Dramas like City Hunter he gave up on because of the romance.

That’s why it’s so funny that he is getting emotionally involved in these dramas that his parents watch in the evening. They are completely cliche soap operas but he watches them every night. Last night he got into a heated argument with his father about the characters…

Comic on DramaFever 7

I have a comic on DramaFever today CLICK HERE.

Anyone who watches Korean dramas probably knows this feeling. There have been so many episodes leading up to the kiss… so much tension… so much waiting and then FINALLY THEY KISS! But what is this? Why are her eyes open? Why are their lips not moving? Are they really standing like statues for 5 mins as we view them from every angle?

Koreans get just as frustrated at these scenes as international fans do.

While Away 20

While Away

It’s so bad it’s good! In a Boys over Flowers way. Of course my husband has no interest in this drama so I could enjoy it without his criticism while he was away.

I actually think the subplots are more interesting than the main plot and would like to see more of that. I won’t say too much else in case others are planning on watching it and haven’t yet.

Late at night 14

Late at night

I actually changed the pacing of this one because he really wanted to be a zombie at the end.

We’ve been having some bad bushfires in Australia (I hope anyone near them is okay!) so there has been a lot of smoke over Sydney. It was pretty creepy looking at night, especially with the full moon.

Soju at School 8

Soju at school

We are enjoying watching the drama Reply 1997. Everyone has been recommending it to us for ages… and yes you are all right, it’s great. My husband especially, is enjoying it because it’s just like watching his teenage years. H.O.T posters included.

We haven’t finished it yet, so no spoilers please. There was a scene in the episode we watched last night where they were secretly drinking soju (most popular Korean alcohol) in the school playground. I questioned Mr Gwon on this and he swore he never did that…. but what he really meant was that he didn’t do that during school hours…. he did it AFTER school hours but still in the school grounds. Naughty.

X Factor 13

X Factor

“Take a sickie”, “Chuck a sickie”, “Throw a sickie” is Australian slang for pretending to be sick and not going to work but still getting paid. My husband used to be a hard worker until he was corrupted by the Australian workplace! He saw how much other people take sickies when they just want a day off and started questioning why he was working so hard.

He loves shows like the X Factor and there is a Korean girl this time so he’s been following it. But because he works at nights he will be missing a lot of it. He can just catch up later though. I’m not letting him stay home from work just so he can watch the X Factor!

Boys Over Flowers 60

Boys Over Flowers

So I’m enjoying it. Even with the overacting, Lee Min-ho’s curly hair and that weird thing she does with her mouth.

I haven’t watched a Korean drama in a while because I know when I do I end up wasting so much time. My husband doesn’t like these types of dramas and if he watches a drama it’s usually a serious one.

But yes, I am enjoying it. I can see why this one is so popular.

The Next Doctor 13

Next Doctor

This is what happens when you are on Tumblr late at night and then go straight to bed! You are bombarded with all these images from different fandoms one after the other. The things you love can cross weirdly. That’s what my brain decided last night… and I still think that would be really cool. Maybe one day The Doctor will be an androgynous Korean boy. I’d watch the hell out of that.

So, Doctor Who fans… what do you think of the next Doctor? Did you watch the reveal? It was on at 4am here so I just waited until I woke up… and which is why at about the time it was being revealed I was dreaming that it was GD.

I think the next Doctor might be a bit more scary? Or maybe I just think that because Peter Capaldi’s expressions scare me sometimes. I’ll have to wait and see!

How Arguments End 14

You Know nothing

This is how many of our arguments end these days. Our arguments are very minor, just about stupid stuff, but the person who first gets in “You know nothing Jon Snow!” usually wins.

That’s a Game of Thrones reference for those that don’t know. I think I’ve used up all my Game of Thrones ideas for comics…

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