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Diet Time

Hugh been going really well with his diet and exercise, but occasionally has cravings for fried chicken. I think he is starting to see fried chicken everywhere.

He is vlogging his progress so check out his videos on YouTube. The first one is here:

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Jokbal is something that sounds weird if you aren’t used to eating all sorts of animal parts, but it can be pretty delicious. This particular restaurant, Jokbal Gwishin in Mapo is amazing. We took Joel there when he was in Korea because he hadn’t had spicy jokbal before.

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Sara joins us to try these more unusual chip flavours. We had never seen them before and we wonder how long they will last in stores…

A note about YouTube. Firstly there is a subscribers glitch. Lots and lots of active subscribers are being unsubscribed from channels so make sure you are still subscribed to us here.

Also, as well as having a bunch of glitches at the moment, YouTube is also favouring videos that have interaction immediately. We’ve hardly ever asked for likes on YouTube before but now it seems we have to. So if you watch our videos, hitting that like button (and also commenting) really helps us out and determins if YouTube will suggest our videos to other viewers. Thanks!

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We took the opportunity to film some halal Korean food when we had lunch with friends recently. There are now more and more opportunities for Muslim tourists in Korea and Korea is becoming popular with Muslim travellers, especially those who are fans of Kpop and Kdramas. Korea is also considered a very safe place for Muslims to visit and live. It’s getting easier to eat halal food in Korea. Our friends also eat in normal Korean restaurants and just make sure they are eating seafood, not other meat.

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Trying Pigs Intestines and Chicken Feet from Korean Convenience Store

Korean convenience stores are always adding more choices so we decided to try the instant pigs intestines and chicken feet! Just need to microwave!

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Megan Bowen took us to Huggers, a vegan burger place, in Itaewon. The burgers were delicious. We are not vegans ourselves, but do try to cut down on meat consumption. Hugh really enjoyed his chili tofu burger, so I want to try and make it at home too.

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I was always quite skinny growing up and into my 20’s, but due to health problems I’ve been on medication that causes some weight gain. Not a huge amount, but when you are used to being a certain size and then suddenly not being that size it’s a bit of a surprise. And suddenly not having jeans fit can be a rude shock. I’m much more sympathetic to those that have trouble losing weight due to genetics problems now.

While Hugh has been a stocky guy for most of his adult life, he was very skinny as a young boy. So much so that he was constantly in the hospital and eventually his family went to an oriental medicine practitioner who gave him medicine to gain weight. Since then he has no trouble gaining weight or muscle and it probably saved his life. But he does love food so much! It’s one of his passions in life. Especially now that we live in Seoul and there is so much food easily available. We eat healthy in general… but there’s just so much to eat!

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